Thursday , December 3 2020

Flat Earthers insist on pedigree by mysterious 'shadow target'.


Flat Theory: Conspiracy theorists have come up with bizarre ideas. (Picture: GETTY)

Conspiracy theorists exercise the right to deny all scientific theories, including widely accepted belief that the Earth is roughly round in shape.

Instead, flat Earthers believe that the world is a disk floating in space and a concept created by gravity.

They often support their belief in concealment around the world by quoting "evidence" such as "where they can not make an emergency landing", such as flight routes to avoid Antarctica.

How did the Flat Earth Society respond to the lunar eclipse? I have a nice Blood Moon picture of last month.

Blood Moon

STUNNING: Blood Moon (Picture: GETTY)

"As long as Lunar Eclipse is in progress, there is no evidence that the Moon appears on the Moon during Lunar Eclipse."


The news in the "Flat Earth Wiki" argued that the solar eclipse was not actually caused by the shadow of the elliptical planet because NASA would make us all believe.

In fact, it was claimed that the eclipse was caused by a mysterious "shadow object" orbiting too closely with the sun.

The poster claims that the rounded earth (RE) can not cause red tint in a solar eclipse we know as Blood Moon.

"The fact that the moon turns completely red in the Lunar Eclipse suggests that sunlight is flowing through most of the body through the path of light," Foster said.


PANCAKE: Model proposed by Flat Earthers (Picture: GETTY)


Eclipse: The transition of the Moon where the shadow of the earth covers the moon (Picture: GETTY)

"Obviously it is impossible to describe the RE."

"As long as the lunar eclipse continues, there is no evidence that the moon's shadows are from Earth during the Lunar Eclipse.

"The shadow can come from an object that crosses the light between the sun and the moon."

But astronomers are dedicated to studying the sky, saying that the red shadows are actually caused by the earth.

Sunlight scattered by the Earth's atmosphere emits blood red light on the moon's surface.

The ancient Greeks made the first hypothesis that the earth is round by studying the solar eclipse.

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