Thursday , March 30 2023

Gas and diesel prices throughout the week this week | Region | news


Sydney, N. S. – Gas and diesel prices fell asleep across the province after the Nova Scotia Utilities and Review Committee's weekly price adjustments.
According to Cape Breton, this means one liter of lead-free self-service gasoline is selling at 115.9 cents per liter to 111.1 cents per liter last week.
The new maximum price of 113.3 cents per liter has fallen from 118.1 cents per liter last week.
The price of ultra-low sulfur diesel is set at 129.0 cents per liter and 131.2 cents per liter across Cape Breton this week.
The price fell to 133.7 cents per liter from 131.6 cents last week.
The Nova Scotia Utilities and Reviews Committee pricing every Friday.

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