Thursday , March 30 2023

Halifax man charged with hospital threats has police and history | Region | news


A Halifax man who led the police with a high – speed chase is now facing charges related to threatened hospital staff with a knife.

The Halifax local police were called to Robin St.'s 1799 Halifax Infirmary Emergency Room at 7 pm on Thursday.

A police spokesman said, "A man armed with a knife was threatened with hospital staff when he was disturbed in the waiting room and asked to be discharged."

"Officers found a man near Trollope and Rainnie Streets after a while and arrested him without incident."

Khaled Samara, 56, will face a Halifax District Court on Friday for alleged assault on weapons, possession of dangerous weapons, threatening remarks and disturbances.

In October 2008, the judge dispatched Samara to Dartmouth's East Coast Forensic Hospital, where the police reported two police assaults, escape from motor vehicle police, dangerous driving of the vehicle, arrest, .

Police claimed that Samara was fired from driving a concrete truck in the morning of October 1, 2008 and plans to use the gun to kill herself and others.

Most investigators followed him that day. The police finally found his car at Dartmouth around 6:30 pm That night. After realizing that Samara was following him, he flew from the malware bridge to Halifax and then to the Bedford Highway.

He was caught in a traffic jam near Fairview overpass and was put into a box of police cars and arrested.

Later that month, Samara proved to be suitable for trial.

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