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January 26, 2019 / 10:23 am | story:

Prime Minister John Horgan in British Columbia NDP government will make the legislative body deadlock with a Liberal victory in Vancouver Island on Wednesday.

Naimaimo was a new Democrat base, but Liberal Democrats won 43 seats and signed the 2017 agreement with the NDP's 43 seats, so the New Democratic Party agreed to form a minority government.

B.C. election. Nanaimo's choices are not traditional, but political communications expert David Black, a professor at Victoria's Royal Highway, says, "Often they do not approve the sitting government, the voters stay at home and the result is almost a balance of power. University.

"This is the perfect choice," Black said. "You will never see more fun, stratification, complexity and consequences for the rest of your life at the local level."

He said he had all the elements of a high-stakes political drama that featured decisive local candidates, strong state issues, and potential game changes in the final vote.

"This is the best choice so far," Black said. "Adding icing to multi-layered cakes can be a result of government composition and the fate of the NDP-Green Alliance, unlike most cases."

Six nominees, including former Democrats Sheila Malcolmson, Green Michele Ney, Liberal Tony Harris, Justin Greenwood of Conservatives, Robin Richardson of Vancouver Island Party and Libertarian Bill Walker.

The meeting was aimed at replacing Leonard Krog, the fifth NDP member of the Legislature, who left his seat last year after becoming a member of the National Assembly last year.

Harris is a well known local businesswoman whose family has been in Nanaimo for six generations. He said he wants to focus on local health, education and economic issues rather than getting involved in the provincial number game.

"This is Nana's choice and Nanaimo's time," Harris said. "I think everyone should talk about grassroots ideas and solutions that meet the needs of their communities. Instead, this election sees Nanaimo being kidnapped by the provincial cause, and I do not like it."

Andrew Wilkinson, the Liberal leader, said voters had a chance to make judgments about the NDP.

"I am very interested in the concerns and concerns of Nanaimo residents," Wilkinson said before the protest campaign.

Horgan tells voters about the United Nations Children's Fund, health, education and housing initiatives since the NNA's founding of the government since the 2017 election.

"When we were in government, we did our best to inform our people about the Nanaimo people that we have provided for people and the community," he said. "I believe that our government continues to be the greatest concern of the community."

Malcolm's spokesman told NDP officials that he was leaving a bigger picture politics strategy, saying he was not able to resolve the homeless problem and high housing costs in Nanaimo by knocking and hearing from the voters.

Ney, the daughter of Frank Ney's long-time Nanaimo mayor, said she had the vision to make her a clean economic leader. The fourth green elected council at B.C. claimed that he would give Harris or Malcolmson more authority than he would elect.

If the Liberal Party wins, the Liberals could lead to an early election to force a vote of confidence in Congress whenever there is an opportunity, Black said. Nanaimo is a strong NDP territory, but the election victory is not clear.

"But from NDP's point of view, Nanaimo would want it to have the guts to determine the government's fate," Black said. "They have been lost twice in the last 50 years."


British Columbia residents drink more than they had in the past, according to local public health reports last week.

According to a weekly report by Dr. Dr. Bonnie Henry of the State Health Department, 16.5% of the elderly over the age of 12 engage in "dangerous sake" of more than four drinks per woman and five or more drinks per man have.

Henry said in an interview with CTV News, "Drinking due to heavy drinking has occurred to young adults in particular." We will help people later in life if we keep in mind that people have a healthy relationship with alcohol and how they use alcohol. "

According to the report, men tend to drink more and men tend to use alcohol or marijuana before 15 years of age than women.

B.C. The government has set a goal of lowering the binge drinking rate to 14% of the population by 2023. Youth programs and educational campaigns were planned to achieve this.

Despite this discovery, B.C. The average life expectancy of residents is the highest in the nation and the overall drinking rate is lowest.

Dr. Henry will announce a separate report on alcohol policy and a continuing opioid crisis.

– CTV News File

He faced charges that a miserable man could point at a police officer with a rifle and shout at him.

The RCMP responded to Metchosin's house on Jan. 18, threatening to hurt him, CTV News reported.

The officers grabbed the man in the backyard and held a weapon. At that point the police did not know whether it was a real gun or not.

"The police suddenly brought the gun to the shoulder and pointed directly at the boss, about 10 feet away from the man. Nancy Saggar told CTV.

"He pointed out to me that because he was at such a short distance … he had to make a very quick decision and he would have to move or join this person as a working skill or find a cover."

The man will be imprisoned late at night and will appear in court on March 21.

– Files from CTV Vancouver Island


A surveillance video of a violent car accident in the suburbs of Victoria was revealed by the police.

Langford RCMP hopes the video will reveal the identity of the suspect, CTV News reported.

On December 17th the video shows a man approaching Nissan Versa in 2009, opening the car door and throwing a 52 year old driver on the pavement before running him almost when he ran away.

The stolen vehicle was found in Nanaimo almost a week later.

"In reality, we are seeing a very large area," West Shore RCMP spokesman Nancy Saggar said in an interview with CTV, "The case occurred in the West Shore and we have a vehicle that was recovered in hours from other jurisdictions, Will change.

The suspect is described as white, about 5 feet 7 inches, and 160 pounds. He is believed to be between the ages of 30 and 40.

The victim suffered minor injuries.

– Files from CTV Vancouver Island

January 26, 2019 / 7:00 am | story:

The city of Prince Rupert has released a boiling water advice to 12,000 residents who have been drinking water for six weeks and said they are writing a "lesson learned" report on the future.

The city authorities have received approval from the Northern Health Department to downgrade the notification to a water quality recommendation, which means that there is a risk to the sensitive individual.

In water quality counseling, newborns, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems must boil tap water for one minute before ingesting.

The city still claims that residents who see water that is full of milky white or sediment should drink cold water and drink clear water through a bathtub or laundry sink.

Consultations on boiling water from dry summer and storm surges have resulted in rapid increases in cryptosporidium and giardia levels that cause intestinal diseases.

The length of this recommendation urged citizens to advocate for the Community for Clean Water to criticize city officials for not preparing their plans.

In August, the city implemented a two-stage water treatment system and applied for a fund to replace the submarine line that transports drinking water from two adjacent lakes.

City officials say their staff will work with health authorities in a "lesson learned" report on similar conditions in the future, and the information will be announced at a council next month.

BC nurses narrowly ratified the new agreement with the province for three years.

The nurses voted in favor of a temporary agreement reached last November in the Health Employers Association of BC, with a 54% approval rate.

The new agreement is effective from April 1, with a general wage increase of 2% per year, a modernized staffing language that ensures certainty for employers and nurses, and language improvements to clarify and simplify the workplace environment Is included.

The agreement covers approximately 44,000 registered, psychiatric and licensed practical nurses.

"I believe we have negotiated an innovative contract that can have a positive impact on our members and their lives, but the nurses have sent a clear message to the government that a skeptical and real change will come," said Christine Sorensen, BCNU's chief executive officer. Said.

A survey of nurses two years ago revealed two of the most important issues in these negotiations: workforce and workload.

The union consequently said that local health authorities had the incentive to hire more nurses in the first year of the convention.

"The unsustainable workload combined with a systematic nursing shortage directly affects the ability of nurses to provide safe patient care," said one of our members.

Sorensen says, "We need to do more, but this contract is a step in the right direction.

Although it was the mild winter of Okanagan, it is still not spring.

But residents of southern Vancouver Island can be forgiven for thinking that winter is over. It is because cherry blossoms have already begun to bloom.

Flowers are ahead of schedule, usually coming in mid-February and mid-May, CTV News reported.

The first tree to bloom was in downtown Victoria this week.

– Files from CTV Vancouver Island

British Columbia residents may have the longest life expectancy in Canada, but despite their healthier lifestyles than most Canadians, they are close to the bottom for mental health.

B.C. female average age is 84, male can live to 80 years.

But many of it depends on where you live. In addition, Dr. Bonnie Henry said the gap between local health authorities is increasing.

The average life expectancy of residents of the Vancouver Coastal Health Area is the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, the inland health area, and finally Northern BC.

More specifically, Okanagan residents can expect an average life expectancy of about 82 years. Richmond had the highest average life expectancy for 86 years, and Northwest BC. It is the lowest level in only 79 years.

Between 2014 and 2017, B.C. It has fallen by 0.6 years, a declining trend not seen in recent decades. "

Further analysis added that it is necessary to determine how much the overdose crisis affects the number.

This report examines the progress made in measuring 36 outcomes for public health and finds that more people in the world with the highest expected life expectancy are experiencing mental health problems.

BC has the highest rate of physical activity, the lowest smoking rate, the lowest drinking. We consume the second highest amount of fruits and vegetables, but we get the second lowest score in the province as a percentage of those who rate mental health as excellent or excellent and those who are satisfied with life.

"The proportion of British Columbia residents who reported positive mental health was reduced," Henry spokesman said in a press conference. "This is one of the actions we are actually lagging behind in Canada and around the world."

Henry spokesman, for example, said that smoke from forest fires affects health and that local governments should do better to put more money into health promotion programs and assess other impacts of climate change.

Henry added that poverty, a lack of early education and low income people are not good health, and that in some urban areas it is a matter of adding early childhood development.

Read the full report here.

– Files from The Canadian Press

January 25, 2019 at 11:57 am | story:

Vancouver police were prosecuted for dangerous driving a year ago that posed a physical risk of collision with pedestrians.

The BC Prosecutor's Office said police officers were on duty at the time of the crash on January 6, 2018.

It says Const. Andrew Peters was indicted Friday in the Vancouver state court.

The charge follows an investigation by the British Columbia Police Inspectorate, the Independent Investigation Office.

The BC State Prosecutor's Office said the case can not be disclosed because the case is in court.

January 25, 2019 at 11:54 am | story:

One company that built the pipeline quit working at 14 Northwestern B.C. arrested earlier this month.

Coastal GasLink reported Thursday that it stopped working in southern Houston on a notice posted on its Web site and that traps were placed on construction borders, causing people to enter the scene and raise safety concerns.

The company says it is working with RCMP to solve this problem.

Earlier this week, the Unist & # 39; en clan of the Wet & # 39; s Nation's Unist & # 39; en clan was a bulldozer through the heart of one of Houston's southern traplines that said pipeline contractors violated wildlife laws. Social media claim. It interferes with legitimate trapping.

The company reminded that operations in this area were fully approved and approved and that unauthorized access to active construction sites where heavy equipment is used could be dangerous.

The pipeline will lead to a $ 40 billion export facility in Kitimat, LNG Canada, through Wet 'suwet' en.

Opponents say the Coastal GasLink is not authorized to build without the consent of the Wet's heretics chiefs.

The company has concluded agreements with selected councils of all twenty shipowners along this route, including members of the Wet 's elected council

Members of the council are independent of the authority of the genetic subdivision and have made transactions to provide better education, care for the elderly, and services to their members.

The Genetics Director says he has over 22,000 square kilometers of Wet 's traditional territory and the elected band member manages the reserve.

Carolyn Bennett, Crown-Aboriginal Relations Minister, argued that Indian law, which imposed an indigenous rule, is a case of confusion and conflict over indigenous rule.

January 25, 2019 / 10:37 am | story:

The final candidates' meeting was held ahead of key local elections in Vancouver Island, Vancouver Island, and the Democratic and Liberal leaders poured jabs Thursday night.

Six candidates, including New Democrat Sheila Malcolmson and Liberal Tony Harris, are playing in the competition. legislature.

Malcolmson and Harris talked about the problem of local school funding and millions of dollars in improvements to Nanaimo's local hospitals in the economic climate, driven by supporters' tumult.

The homogeneous atmosphere contrasted with what was described as a "fair citizen" exchange when the same issues as the first candidates' meeting throughout this campaign were discussed in the presidential election on Wednesday.

Naimaimo was a new Democratic Party, but the Liberal Party won 43 seats in the Green Party, signing an agreement to allow the NDP's 43 members and New Democrats to form ethnic minorities. .

If the Liberal Party wins, a spokesperson, Darryl Plecas (a former Liberal Party sitting at Independent) will vote for a tie.

When Leonard Krog, a new Democrat, successfully ran for Mayor Nanaimo, the presidential vote continued until Sunday.

He resigned as a NDP member of the Naimaimo-Ladysmith council and broke up with Harris, the famous commentator's son. Harris insisted that he exaggerated B.C.'s NDP achievement.

"You can not build a strong economy in 18 months," he received a lot of cheers from his supporters. But catcalls from Malcolmson's room.

Malcolmson believes that she is B.C. Nana is a liberal who allows hospitals with chronic overloading to decline for years.

Adrian Dix, health minister, announced that Nanaimo is in a hurry to provide a primary care center next week and announced $ 34 million to improve the ICU in November.

The other four candidates in the competition are Michele Ney, B.C. Conservative Justin Greenwood, Liberal Bill Bill Walker, Robin Richardson and Vancouver Island Party

During the first two days of the election, the turnout exceeded the number of votes cast during the same period last week. The number of votes was 2,955 in 2017, but the number of votes was 318 on Tuesday and Wednesday.

January 25, 2019 / 8:55 am | story:

Last month, the damage to the dock damaged by the southern Hurricane storm reached $ 16 million.

White Rock Engineering expects the cost of repairing White Rock pier in southern Vancouver from $ 14 million to $ 16 million and an immediate solution of $ 5 million.

On December 20th, a storm broke out and a strong wind ripped off the marina and several sailboats, collapsing the debris into a 470m long pier, and collapsing one area.

Report estimates using steel piles and concrete decks will cost about $ 11.1 million, while wood piles and wood decks will save about $ 2 million.

Voodoo was insured, but the municipal government said it received compensation for only about $ 7 million.

The resumption of the pier was due at the end of August but is now opaque due to the scope of work and fisheries and the construction deadline for marine Canada to prevent salmon cultivation.

"It will be difficult to get immediate repairs needed for fishery windows this year. If the fishery window can not be extended, the rest of the modern standard quay should be readjusted to the winter construction season.

Immediate repairs are expected to be the collapsed midfield of the piers, but once completed, more extensive work will be required to secure the entire pier, and the current fish window will interfere with construction until it falls.

The dock would be vulnerable to damage from earthquakes, high tides, waves and debris, the report notes.

Additional work on the marina and western pier at the end of the pier will not begin until at least 2020.

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