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How much is Kate Middleton's parents worth? You may be surprised.

Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011, but she and Will are related to the royal family because they met in college nearly a decade ago. The marriage of Kate and Will certainly made her a pseudonym, but she did not necessarily make it so rich. Kate's parents are worth a fortune.

Parents of Kate Middleton, Michael and Carole Middleton Parents of Kate Middleton and Michael Carroll Middleton | Adam Pretty / Getty Images

Kate's parents own an online party supplier called Party Pieces.

Kate may have made some money when she joined the royal family, but her parents clearly gave her the luxury to grow up. Carole and Michael Middleton own Party Pieces, an online party supplier that offers themes for every imaginable party. The company began in the 1980s at the warehouse of Middletons and has since been built as a major brand. When Kate and Will started dating for the first time, Kate made sure to promote her parent brand through her relationship with the royal family. But her parents had already succeeded before Will appeared.

They have paid Kate's $ 400,000 wedding dress.

Kate's parents business was well known to the public until she and Will married. But until the public knew who paid for Kate's dresses, people realized that they had more money than their parents thought. Her wedding dress cost more than $ 400,000, and Kate's parents paid the waitress. People began to focus on family business and see how much money their parents actually have. That number was shocking. The party project was very successful as it turned out. But the same was true of other investments made by the Middletons.

Today, they are worth $ 67 million.

Carole and Michael Middleton today have combined net worth of about $ 67 million (Will is worth between $ 25 and $ 40 million). Party Pieces worth about $ 50 million. Town and Country Magazine reported that the Middletons made many smart investments over the years, giving them tremendous net worth. Middletons owns $ 1.6 million worth of real estate, including one in London's Chelsea. Middletons has no collateral for real estate. They also own commercial real estate and have purchased another residential real estate for $ 1.3 million in cash. According to the report, the residence now amounts to about $ 8 million.

Thanks to Kate's parents, she is worth more than $ 9 million in will.

Kate has a high net asset value because she married her will, but she has never met, but Kate is still worth more than $ 9 million. This is thanks to my parents' business. Kate grew up involved in business. She was helped in the design phase of some party themes. She was a young girl in the front of the catalog. Because Kate thinks she has a net worth of at least $ 6 million and $ 9 million before she gets married, Kate still stays in the millions if Will does not do the job right.

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