Tuesday , May 30 2023

In 1972, dozens and thousands of US mines exploded in the Vietnam War with a solar storm, the newspaper reported.



Atlas Obscura reported that dozens of new articles from thousands of Americans who were blown up during the Vietnam War came out of the new paper during the Vietnam War. The report, published in space weather, concluded that the 1972 mine began due to a solar storm. By the power of the solar event, "I am totally absurd," says co-author Delores Knipp. She and her team found a US naval document attributed to powerful solar activity by a mysterious explosion off the northern Vietnamese coast near the port of Hai Phong. Mass mechanics. They also whispered that the world's little-known scientific reports had affected the grid, satellites were damaged, and air force sensors began to deceive as nuclear bombs disappeared. Scientific American.

In early August 1972, four solar bullets were ejected, and the third was that large quantities of radioactive particles and high energy plasmas in space brought electromagnetic pulses to space. In 15 hours, the pulse was pushed into the earth, and a mine was set up to detect a spacecraft passing through the sidewalk. On top, it inspired the navy to make mines more resistant to solar flares. Today we are reminded to protect the earth's infrastructure from solar storms. The worst on record was the 1859 Carrington event. "The poster child of the storm," Knipp says. "If a bad typhoon comes up again, we really have a lot of problems." (The solar wind explosion in 2012 almost sent the earth during the Stone Age.)

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