Sunday , December 5 2021

Irish authorities spot UFO sightings by commercial pilots | World news


The Irish aeronautical authorities are investigating an unidentified flying object after it was discovered by a pilot flying to Ireland.

On the morning of November 9, a British Airways BA94 pilot from Montreal called Shannon 's Air Traffic Control to report an object passing through the aircraft and ask if there was military training on the west coast of Ireland.

"I was moving too fast," she said. "It came up on our left, and then went north quickly, it was a very bright light that disappeared very quickly."

According to Airlive's conversation record, a site for enthusiasts, the pilot said there was no military training in the area. "Nothing appears on either the primary or secondary. [radar]"Air Traffic Control said in a report.

The pilot said her plane and object were not on collision course. But she wondered what it could be.

Other aircraft flying in the area reported the same. The pilot who flew the flight from Orlando to Manchester on the Virginian aircraft described the scene as "recreating it as a meteor or other object," he said, "it seemed like there were several objects along the same kind of orbit.

Another pilot weighed and said, "I'm not good."

A spokesman for the Irish Aviation Authority said the Irish Times is investigating the case and will file a report. "This report will be investigated during the course of a general classified case investigation."

A spokesman added that it is unlikely to be an alien on another planet.

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