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Jagmeet Singh and the NDP change narrative in 2019.

The leader of the Ottawa-New Democratic Party is talking about fear and anxiety.

Think of yourself, not yourself. So is his party. Jagmeet Singh, sitting on the sofa in his congress Hill office, was as high as usual.

It is almost enough to go through the starkness of his talking point. Singh claims that "true people, true Canadians" are struggling after rosy economic statistics are backed by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government.

See the closure of General Motors in Oshawa. Hundreds of people were fired from Cape Breton. Workers oppose wage cuts at Montreal Airport. At the end of the election year, Singh said that "this instability, this fear" is spreading in Trudeau Canada. People are worried about unstable work, the cost of living, and the hazy climate change. NDP relieves fear.

"Reality does not work well for people every day," Singh told the Star one evening in December.

"Our mission is to stand up for those who do not feel like everybody in every corner."

Singh will know something about the rope.

Singh has been a federal NDP leader for more than a year, but Singh acknowledged his "political ups and downs". Fundraising activities have been active since the Democratic Party officially opposed it in Ottawa. Sitting MP's parade decided to go to the federal election in 2019, including a veteran at the NDP's front-bench. (Singh pointed out that at least one senator is competing for a comeback, but Andrew Cash of Toronto). Last spring, Singh had to quell the controversy of last spring vacation, accusing him of attending Sikh separatists and acting inappropriately against his two lawmakers.

Singh is hoping that in the new year the NDP leader is not one in the calendar but will turn the pages at all times when there are two important elections.

First, at some point in February, Singh will have the opportunity to enter the House of Commons for the first time. Brampton's former Ontario MPP never owned a federal seat. However, in search of vacancies, the NDP leader moved to British Columbia in August and decided to run in Burnaby South. It was successful until New Democrat Kennedy Stewart ran for the Vancouver market.

If Singh is good at Burnaby, a poll conducted this fall suggests riding is never a lock for him. Singh will go on to a bigger battle ahead of the general election in October.

Former NDP media secretary Farouk Karim, who worked with Quebec MP Guy Caron in the NDP leadership competition in 2017, said Singh and his party are not suspicious of slums. At the eight ministerial meetings held since Singh became a leader, the party leader was vigorously defeated by posting a lower share of the total number of votes in each poll compared to the 2015 general election.

Singh has struggled to raise funds, but has wasted his salaries in the NDP. According to data submitted to Elections Canada, donations fell from $ 18.6 million in 2015 to less than $ 5 million in 2017. So far, quarterly reports do not look better in 2018.

Meanwhile, the results of the ruling party lag far behind Liberals and Conservatives, far ahead of Elizabeth's May and Green Party.

The challenge to the NDP is to raise the case to voters in a progressive way that Trudeau's free government has not provided for its priorities, Carim said. It will be difficult, given that the Liberal Party still governs the first mission of the voters. Voting for change is like convincing a family to buy a new home appliance in just a few years, he said.

"It is easier to prove that there are manufacturing deficiencies," Karim said.

Karim hears this when Singh attacks liberals for Nationalization of Trans Mountain Pipeline. The NDP bought it for $ 4.5 billion, which would undermine its commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions under the Paris treaty. The party is also launching a new rhetoric on how the NDP is "on your side". Karim tells the party that it emphasizes the rights and traditions of the workers 'and workers' rights, and makes them work for a liberal government Canadian employee who has passed a compulsory legislation.

At the same time, some have argued that the political arena has shifted to the spread of populist nationalism in Europe and the United States. Frank Graves, president of EKOS Research Associates, said that the same strength of attracting people to the investigation of anti-elitists such as Donald Trump is a major factor in Canada's 2019 election. He said.

Graves said it would be another opportunity for the NDP if it could become a champion of those who do not lose out on economic success by pursuing policies such as imposing more tax on the wealthy.

Indeed, Singh disclosed a series of proposals to prevent tax loopholes and hid money from corporate leaders, but leftist critics such as Avi Lewis, co-author of environmental and social democratic theses, declared the leap: "Free public transportation for all "As a suggestion to draw attention to him.

"One of them could be using this populism vein," Graves said. "(Singh), listening to these things in a direct way can be a magnet for touching people."

Aside from his political strategy, Singh's first hurdle is the February issue of Burnaby southern. There is only one way for Kareem to spark 2019, which is brighter for the Social Democrats for victory.

"People are counting the NDP, so there's plenty of room to scare people in 2019," he said.

"And people like to talk to comeback kids."

Alex Ballingall is a reporter based in Ottawa who deals with national politics. Follow him on Twitter. @aballinga

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