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Kennebecasis Second Rapidly Measured Measles Vaccination Clinic at School

The second measles was confirmed at Kennebecasis Valley High School, bringing the total number of St. John's districts to three.

Superintendent Zoë Watson of the Anglican South School District sent a notice Friday morning to parents informing them that a second case of highly contagious disease was confirmed at the Quispamsis school Thursday night.

She said Friday that the Public Health Department would provide immunization to all KVHS students and staff after consulting a senior health officer at the health authority.

According to the notice, measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccinations, regardless of previous immunization history, are likely to be exposed to measles.

Because of the short notice, students can sign their consent, Watson said.

She said students and employees who were not vaccinated could be excluded from school for 21 days.

People excluded from the current school should not attend the clinic.

Anyone who has had an MMR or other live vaccine within the last month should not be given an MMR injection on Friday.

People who are immunocompromised or who are pregnant and need to be vaccinated with live vaccine are advised to stay home from school until public health provides additional advice.

People infected with the measles virus can spread from four days ago. (Submitted by Emmanuel Bilodeau)

An unspecified number of teachers, faculty, and students from 19 schools in the Anglophone South School District earlier this week Stay at home You may have been exposed to an infected individual early next week Kennebecasis Valley High School.

They attended a meeting of the New Brunswick Teachers' Association (KVHS) on May 6, and said they are nurturing infectious diseases either in the air or through direct contact, officials said.

Harry Miller Middle School and Quispamsis Middle School students at 8th grade and parents who have traveled to KVHS on May 8 may also be at risk.

Symptoms of the infection are not immediate.

Measles symptoms that begin within 8-12 days of infection can include fever, cough, runny nose, red or sore eyes, drowsiness, irritability, and small white spots in the mouth.

Rashes with red spots between 3 and 7 days usually appear on the face and spread to the rest of the body.

Most people with measles recover completely after about 10 days, but complications can include ear infections, pneumonia, blindness, and swelling that can cause seizures, hearing loss, brain damage or death. If you contract during pregnancy, miscarriage, premature birth, or underweight may occur.

On May 13, KVHS's first infected person was in the Emergency Room at St. John's Regional Hospital The first confirmed case, Announced on April 26.

He recently worked with Europe I visited the Halifax Infirmary.Check the emergency room on April 17 for any irrelevant symptoms.

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