Thursday , August 5 2021

Marvel's Galactus has a vice president of Christian Bale.

The last thing you expect to see in a movie when you arrive at a movie theater to see the spleen for the George W. Bush administration is a cameo of a popular surprise cartoon character. Adam McKay did not stop adding his cameo with Devourer of Worlds in his latest film.

in vise, There is a quick moment. The image of Galactus by Jesse Plemons (Jesse Plemons,Friday Night Light) Explain some of the events of the Bush administration.

It is not the first brush of the director with something of Marvel myth. In fact, McKay was in the artist's room for two movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. ant Follow up. Ant – Man and Wasp. After Edgar Wright first left ant As for creative differences, McKay was initially considered a bishop before Peyton Reed began his role.

Marvel Studios Anchorman and Step Brothers director ant, It seems that the studio is still trying to get McKay on board for future real estate. According to recent podcasts, McKay is playing with Marvel Studios Guardian of the Milky Way Vol. three and Inhuman.

McKay told Josh Horowitz: "We talked a little. Happiness, sadness, confusion Podcast. "Yes, we are talking about inhumane thoughts someday, we are always talking, I think Feige is the greatest, and what they are doing is amazing."

The filmmaker did not stop there. He heard the revelation that Marvel Studios "kicked" the idea of ​​a feature film that shot Nova. In the same breath, McKay (Norman Radd, Silver) Surfer.

McKay said, "In the fourth or fifth year I went into Nova for everyone, and I am thinking about the Nova idea." "But the man of the silver surfer is the man he wants to do. Surfer, Visually I'll just be there.… You can do what Wachowskis does with Speed ​​Scooter with Speed ​​Racer. "

"At the same time, there's an emotional story," McKay said. "Someone has to make a choice to save his planet, and Norrin Rad needs to save his planet, which will be one, but Fox thinks he has the right to the planet. "

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