Wednesday , July 17 2019
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NASA astronauts shit on the moon. We have to go.

Human feces is disgusting, but full of life. Approximately 50% of the mass is composed of bacteria and represents more than 1,000 microorganisms living in our interior. The whole amazing ecosystem lives on a piece of shit.

With the landing of Apollo 11, the astronaut took the microorganism to the most extreme environment. Human leprosy in the moon – urine bag, food waste, vomit and other contained wastes represent the life-unintended natural experiment of microorganisms.

Experiments to answer: How flexible is life in spite of the cruel circumstances of the moon? Can microbes survive on the moon if they can survive on the moon? Interstellar travelDid you make it possible to spray life on the universe, including space like Mars?

For more information, check out the above video on your YouTube channel. Or read our feature article: Apollo's astronaut left shit on the moon. I got to go back to that shit.

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