Thursday , June 1 2023

NASA, Merge galaxy image looks suspicious with USS Enterprise


Image: NASA / CXC / Leiden Univ./F. de Gasperin et al; Optical: SDSS; Radio: LOFAR / ASTRON, NCRA / TIFR / GMRT (NASA)

Current understanding of the physics of mankind suggests that light travel is impossible, but researchers on the earth are still able to observe what is happening in distant places (actually seen in distant past). One of them is the galactic conflict. At least from our planet's vantage point, no one looks like an incredible craftwork that has never been before.

NASA unveiled this composite image of the Abell 1033, a galaxy cluster about 1,620 million light years away this week. Star TrackUSS Enterprise. NASA wrote that the images were captured by the X-ray telescope, the Chandra X-ray Observatory, which detects superheated gases, and a low-frequency array that detects radio waves.

Images can look calm, but they are the result of cosmic phenomena that emit enormous amounts of energy. The galactic group is the galaxy group, the largest known to be coupled by gravity, including the galaxy itself and a very large amount of superheated gas. According to NASA, Abell 1033 actually collides with two clusters of galaxies to create "turbulence and shock waves". NASA added that the two clusters interact with ultra-fast black holes to create jets of high-speed particles. Marked as radio:

Collisions in Abell 1033 are related to other energetic universe processes. In other words, it blows high-speed particles spirally with ultra-fast black holes, in this case in the galaxy in one cluster. These jets appear as propagation radiation to the left and right of the image. Radio emissions are created by electrons spirally extending around the magnetic field line, which is called synchrotron radiation.

The electrons in the jet travel very close to the speed of light. As the galaxy and its black hole moved toward the bottom of the image, the jet on the right side slowed down as it hit other hot gases from the galaxy. The jet on the left did not slow down because it met less hot gas, which is more distorted than jet lines in general.

NASA believes that the radio emissions from clusters, which are typically extended by about 500,000 light years, "the vastly expanded radio emissions observed at Abel 1033 mean that there are active electrons, but they lose most of their energy. More energy and more volume than previously thought ":

Another source of radio emissions from images other than cosmic-shaped objects is radio phoenix ("radio phoenix"), which consists of a short jet of another galaxy (labeled "short jets") and a dimmed, )"is. The shock wave compressed the cloud. This caused the cloud to re-illuminate on radio frequencies as reported back in 2015.

Researchers at Leiden University, the Institute of Radio Astronomy, the University of Hamburg, and the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics have published their findings in Science Advances.

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