Friday , June 25 2021

NASA's insights are already breaking records.



If you do not follow NASA Insight Rover on Twitter, Then I do not know what to say to you. The job is joy..

It's the first person to tweet like this:

Insight is not a point of view and an opinion, but a harmless dog robot that travels through the desolate airplanes of Mars, develops science, develops human knowledge, and spends time in life. originally Aibo In space.

But the funny news is here. First, the pictures keep coming, and (at least for me) they are dropping their chin. It reminds us that human-made machines are now on Mars. That sense never lasts long.

Second, the insight Rover has already broken the world record. It has already confronted rover friends in their ability to absorb energy from the sun. During the first full day on Mars, Insight generated more energy than other vehicles on the surface of Mars and poured out for 4,588 watts. For comparison, Curiosity Rover recorded 2,806 Watts and Chance Rover recorded 922.

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NASA's InSight Landing and Crazy Possibilities


"It is great to achieve our first world record on the first full day on Mars," said Tom Hoffman, InSight project manager. "But what's even better than the work of producing electricity ahead of us is that we have the engineering work to come. The 4,588 watt-hours produced in 1.5 hours means that you currently have enough juice to perform these tasks. Advance our scientific mission. "

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