Saturday , December 5 2020

NASA's Opportunity Rover seemed dead: "Respectable Death"

Opportunity Rover

15 years ago, NASA's Opportunity rover this week reached Mars. Now, officials acknowledge that Rober is permanently bankrupt due to a dust storm that stopped communicating with Earth in the summer of 2018.

"This can be the end," said Principal Investigator Steven Squyres. New York Times On Friday. "Assuming this is over, I feel good, I mean it."

Nice Explorer

When the opportunity landed in 2004, it was expected to last only for 90 days. Instead, it gained strength through an extraordinary 5,111 for nearly a decade and a half of exploration for other worlds.

Spy Rover has improved its understanding of the scientist's red planet, gained an immortal reputation by the XKCD, and took a symbolic self. The "Great Scientific Heritage" helped NASA plan a curiosity exploration plan.

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