Friday , June 25 2021

Ontario Environment Minister realizes 'sophisticated' environment with new climate plan

Ontario's Environment Minister Rod Phillips knows that references to flooded basements and trash pickups in the region's new climate plan are not being taken seriously by environmentalists.

But when the Portland government began to react to Ottawa's carbon pricing plan, Phillips made a simple goal: to respond to climate change.

"The previous government and frankly, the part of the federal government's loss of the story has something to do with the impact on people," a Phillips spokesman said in an interview with a lunch in downtown Toronto.

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Rod Phillips, Minister of Environment, Ontario, Canada, November 29, 2018, At a press conference in Nobleton's Cold Creek Conservation Area, we discuss government climate planning.

Tijana Martin / The Canadian Press

"Some – I call them environmental ecology – they actually mock the approach," he said.

The climate change plan announced last week includes a number of references to algae, shoreline cleanup and management, along with local reduced targets for industrial greenhouse gas emissions control and $ 400 million in government funding for clean technology development with the private sector Have dedicated a day to picking up garbage.

"Of course, these things are related to climate change, not climate change, so the entire government statement is all about climate change, and there is little we can do and the world will end. "It was not very effective in attracting people to my heart," Phillips said.

Catherine McKenna, a 53 – year – old businesswoman from Toronto, is the message to the Federal Environment Minister this week. The province is also challenging the federal carbon tax in the courts, claiming that the Federal Liberal Party will impose "unconstitutional taxation" forms on Friday.

Since the Ford government took office in June, Ontario and Ottawa have been tense with global warming. Though the larger Prime Minister did not say he would take over Prime Minister Trinidad, Philips said the federal government is gaining political advantage.

"This is given [the federal government] They are something that can vigorously contest Doug Ford. And I think it's useful right now, "Phillips said.

"Catherine McKenna believes that carbon taxes are effective, and I do not think she is just making it, so the fact that we do not agree is that the two people do not agree and see the same facts and reach different conclusions."

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Since the announcement last week, Ontario's plan to reduce the climate change target for the greenhouse gas government has been criticized as inappropriate and too simple to change. "We need a climate plan, not a waste reduction plan," Ontario Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner said last week.

Philips claims that Ontario has already increased its market share by reducing its emissions by 22% since 2005 due to the shutdown of coal – fired power plants. While the Ford government's decision that the government will end its negotiations on the Paris Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is likely to be more difficult to comply with the Paris Climate Convention, Phillips said the Ontario government is targeting the Ottawa greenhouse gas.

"Carbon tax alone [the federal government] I said it would. Even if they do not have the possibility of actually imposing it. "

From her point of view, McKenna says the Ontario government has stepped back from the Canadian battles to reduce emissions.

"A serious climate plan includes compensation for pollution, there will be more when pollution is free," she said when the Ontario plan was announced.

Phillips, formerly Chief Executive Officer of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Company and formerly Chairman of Postmania, began his political career as a volunteer before Mel lastman, who was Toronto Mayor 20 years ago, before becoming an employee.

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When Kathleen Wynne's Liberals were re-elected, he decided to run for the 2018 election, saying he "was genuinely concerned" about the future of the castle.

"We were all talking about the economy of the campaign and her solution was redistribution, and I do not think it works in the long run." As Margaret Thatcher once said, "He said.

Although Ford is different from Premiere, Ford calls Ford a "incredible politician" who witnessed chatting with GM employees on his cell phone. Critics say the Ford government is a cohesive plan for the Ford government, and the feeling that elected officials end their jobs is "what people want."

"If people do not agree with what we are doing fundamentally, they will react differently," he said, "it is their concern to make them look like they are confused."

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