Thursday , August 5 2021

Person who assaulted police on drunken driving, paramedics

N. S., a 58-year-old man on The Passage, is being charged with allegedly assaulting police after Christmas Eve.

According to the release from Cpl. Officer Andrew Joyce of Nova Scotia RCMP received a call about a van driving irregularly at Waverley Road in Dartmouth just before midnight.

After the RCMP and the Halifax area police pulled a male driver off Wright Avenue, he refused to breathe, assaulted the police officer and spoke of the threat.

Joyce says the man also assaulted a paramedic at the scene, but said the injuries and injuries of the officers were not serious.

After searching the car, police say they found cannabis, a large amount of ammunition, and two long-range guns.

The 58-year-old driver will face charges of possession of a future driver's license, flight from the police, unsafe storage of weapons, assault, threats of murder.

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