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Practical tips for dealing with dementia at home | life

When a dementia occurs, helplessness occurs. Sometimes, however, the best way to overcome helplessness is to do as best you can. It is not easy to fight such a life struggle like this. As the reality of dementia unfolds in a family with a long day of fathers' day, a real change in the family reminds us of how it can make a valuable difference.

I first met a man who would become his father in 1981. He came to Canada with his family as a general manager of a multinational company, and even with the other people in my mind at the age of 18, I could see that this man was competent and decisive. He was a bit intimidating at first.

As we grew older, our son-in-law sometimes sat at a barbecue and fell into the cold and asked me questions about life and business. In 2019, all answers were gone before Father's Day. Those who have led successful businesses across the United States can no longer remember their children's names. The years of jogging and healthy eating mean that he is in great shape except for his brain. There is little more sadness than this.

One thing about life always creates fantasies that will continue to be like everything else. Dementia is not the first, but it is one of many things that dramatically change life. Because the onset of the condition is usually gradual, it allows the luxury of hope that it is not different from what you think. A little blessing is a way of slowing down and providing time to remodel your home to make things more manageable.

My wife was the first to mention something wrong to my dad. Now there was a hesitation that was not very characteristic, and occasionally a simple expression, that is, a facial expression, which can not be found at times was reduced. If you have seen dementia, you will know the signs.

Dementia is one of the innumerable ways in which our mortality rates return home. There are practical things you can do around your home to make your life safer and more enjoyable with painful dementia. DIY modifications can actually make a difference.

Keyless entry locks and door hardware: The only way to grant access to trusted caregivers who help manage patients with dementia is to install a keyless entry system. If you are subscribing to an emergency contact, items without a key are also required. Sliding bolt latches with combination locks are the easiest way to limit access to dangerous doors that lead downstairs or outside.

Easy-to-read clock: As time is one of the important ways in which we adapt to the world, consider getting a digital clock with a big, simple reading. The best desk and table clock for dementia patients was produced by Dayclox (

Make hot water safer. To reduce the risk of burns, reduce the temperature of the hot water heater to below 120ºF. Taps and showerheads can also be equipped with individual controls that limit the water temperature only at the facility.

Be educated about the risk of missing. About 60% of people with dementia are at risk of serious injury if they get lost at some point and are not found within 24 hours. The Alzheimer Society of Canada ( / ko / on ) Provides practical resources for dementia, including information about tracking devices and other strategies to keep your loved ones safe.

Because dementia changes the role of the family everywhere, Father's Day reminds you that there is something you can do that can not help until you get used to it. And is not it one of the best Father's Day gifts you can give?

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