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Prince Charles will meet Megan Marchelli and Prince Harry's royal family, baby Ayile Harrison.


Jack Harper

My grandfather is coming! Make way for your grandfather!
Prince Charles It is.
Rumor has it that he will meet in Windsor.
Arch Harrison, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghanson.

The future king has his new grandson
For the first time on Thursday (May 16)
Hello! England.
that is
Camille Duke Camilla I'll be with Charles.
I have just arrived home to my proud parents and frog mower.

Camilla seemed to have visited Jamie & # 39; s Farm on an amazing Thursday. Jamie & # 39; s Farm sponsored since 2004. Photo: © Gareth Fuller / WPA Pool / Getty Images

Both Charles and Camilla were busy on Thursday. Prince
Wales tennis legend knighted
Andy Murray, The Duchess went to the farm in Lewes, East.
Sussex, and
I have to meet a lovely lamb. Proceeding.
Last week when I visited Germany last week
Arch's arrival, also
Buckingham Palace Garden Party held On Wednesday evening.

Photo: Prince Charles will host the Buckingham Palace Garden Party with the Queen.

Archie had a whole host of King's visitors on the 10th
After his birth.
Mrs. Jane Fellowes, Prince Harry's aunt and late Princess DianaMy sister was one of the first. I met a young boy.
Following him Introduce To grandmother Queen grandmother Doria Lagerland, Megan's mother.

Duchess Kate and Prince William It was reported that he met his nephew on Tuesday after Keate. Engagement in Bretley Park.
Sekate's mother
I told him to give me an arch. One of the four stuffed animals
Received during the visit.
Prince George, Prince Charlotte and Prince Louis Look like I have not met their new cousin yet., Since their mom and dad traveled to Windsor
Place after their bedtime.

We are confident that Charles will have the best time to visit his son.
There are a lot of advice about a daughter-in-law, a new grandson, and parenting!

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