Friday , June 25 2021

Random: Super Smash Bros fans create ultimate custom game manuals. You can print.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate IMG 1

For quite a number of years, Nintendo has not included real manuals in game cases. Nowadays, it is lucky to receive one education flyer. Japanese companies have drilled holes in the 3DS case to make the entire production cycle more environmentally friendly.

While we have a lot of sense to cut down excess material when we are going through all the digital futures, there are still many modern video game enthusiasts. They still remember very technical and colorful game manuals. Be the norm.

Wow Super Smash Bros. Ultimate One fan arrived this weekend and solved the problem myself. This individual going to OhridLibrarianArtur's Reddit username has created a 52 page digital manual for Smash Ultimate that can be printed. Use the information from the old Smash announcement and the existing assets of the official website of the game. The guide also includes a moving set of characters, and the creator of the manual has paid special attention to the game's live demo events.

Here is where all the glory of the game manual is revealed.


You can view all pages of Imgur or download a copy through the original Reddit post.

What do you think about this manual? Do you still want the physical manual to be a standard in 2018? Please let me know below.

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