Monday , September 26 2022

RCMP urges public to suspend speculation on Sherwood Park fire investigation


RCMP and community officials are expected to hold a second press conference on Wednesday afternoon to provide up – to – date information and announce explosion news within the Sherwood Park Community Center.

The press conference was scheduled to start at 3 pm. CBC News is broadcasting Guy.

In a tense press conference with the media Wednesday morning, the RCMP said it was not free to provide new details on the investigation.

RCMP Supt said, "People will ask you not to guess about the incident." Dave Caliste.

We will disclose as much information as possible, but we hope that everyone will be with us as we conduct this survey. "

The police will not see if anyone is arrested or suspects in this case. They also did not confirm the witness's testimony about the explosion inside the building.

Kalist said members of the RCMP Major Crimes Unit are leading the investigation.

& # 39; Guess is not helpful & # 39;

Police are expected to provide details of the incident at a separate press conference Wednesday afternoon, Callist said.

"We are doing a very fluid investigation … The reason we move forward is to give the public confidence in our situation.

"We do not have other information that indicates there is a risk elsewhere in the community, we just want to let you know," he said.

Police stayed on the scene until Wednesday after a fire at the Strathcona County Community Center in Sherwood Park, a town in the Edmonton area. (CBC)

On Tuesday evening, emergency personnel and tactical units swept through the Strathcona County Community Center after a fire occurred inside the building.

Witnesses reported an explosion in the parkade. A nearby house for the elderly was evacuated and a road blockade was built in this area.

Strathcona County Mayor Rod Frank repeated Kalist's concerns about speculation. Frank said any speculation about what happened on Tuesday night could hurt the ongoing investigation.

"I have confidence in the RCMP and the emergency operations center," Frank said. "We do not want these investigations and facts to get clouded and uncertain, and it would be a bigger tragedy if we do not control this investigation.

"The detailed investigation will be in good time, just like any other survey."

Frank expressed sympathy for community members who might be worried, but said there is no danger to public safety.

"I went to the scene last night and I am worried about it," he said.

"It's an unusual situation for our community, and we all know the modern times, but the point is that it's under control and speculation does not help."

At night, a heavily armed officer was able to move through a community center complex that housed the county conference room as well as the library, conference room, and outdoor plaza.

On Wednesday, the entrance to the building was blocked by the police. The St. Theresa School and the Salisbury High School closed on the same day.

RCMP agents at the scene said there was no active evacuation of CBC News. Police said police were concentrating on keeping people away from the park under the library.

Jim, who asked to keep his name anonymous, was on the main floor of the library when the building began to shake.

There was a rattling noise in the parking lot below.

"I hunted and dealt with firearms all my life, I know what a loud sound and boom is," he said. "It was a violent explosion and shook the building.

"The concrete under our feet shook and the chair was shaken."

Chelsea Thoen explains the & # 39; giant slug 'heard at the Strathcona County Community Center on Tuesday night. 0:31

When the fire alarm started ringing, Jim, his partner and the group went to the parking lot where the emergency vehicle arrived.

Jim tried to retrieve the vehicle from the parkade. He walked down the ramp and walked through the overhead door.

"When we walked, the lights were still down, but there was a hue in the air." "I can not be sure of what it is, it does not have a smell like smoke, it has acidic beauty in my mouth.

"My eyes burned and my throat burned."

Police did not identify what kind of explosion occurred inside the building, but Jim said there was no doubt that there was an explosion.

"The explosion was huge," he said. "I want everyone to be okay. It's a crazy world we live in. "

Police stayed at the Strathcona County Community Center in Sherwood Park on Tuesday night after the fire occurred. (CBC)

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