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Riott Squad Comments on Superstar Shakeup on Split

Riott Squad was split at the WWE Superstar Shake-Up this week, and all three members of the group have now commented on the different ways to go. As we saw last night, Liv Morgan remains SmackDown Live, Logan and Riott remain RAW.

Liv Morgan announced for the first time in social media:

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Early in the morning Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan also shared their memories of staying together in WWE.

Ruby Oriol:@yaonlylivvonce and @ Sarahloganwwe, Two women who really changed my life better. Over the past year and a half, we have tried to show the world exactly how strong and unconcerned our bonds are. But I do not even think we scratched the surface.

On 11-21-17 I mated with two of the most talented and unbelievable women I have ever met. Every day I learned something from them inside and outside the ring. They inspired me to live a better life as a person and as an actor.

I knew we could never prepare for a day in a distinct brand. And if I do not say that my heart has not hurt, I will lie. But if the world knows how amazing Sarah and Liv are on a whole new scale, everything is going well. They will continue to create their own heritage and I will still be my biggest fan! Thank you for more than you can ask for your friends, partners and sisters. You have my heart. I love you, as Reeve said, not goodbye. See you later. I know that all I have to do is shout "shame!" And we will be together again! #RiottSquadForever

Sarawak: 11-21-17. The day my life changed forever. Our lives have changed forever. We shared the greatest moments of our wrestling career and the greatest moments of our lives. I will be looking for you each time I enter. Every time I drink coffee at a catering, every time I'm two I will be looking for my team whenever I need someone to laugh at my amazing jokes.

We have changed the world of wrestling too much and we will continue to do so.
@rubyriottwwe … I love you.
@yaonlylivvonce … .. I love you.
And I will see you again. Because we all will surely happen.
squad! squad!

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