Friday , June 25 2021

Sarah Hyland's cousin in a drunken driving accident dies

Sarah Highland


Sarah Highland Her 14-year-old cousin on her Instagram story Trevor Canaday He died on a drunk driving accident on Saturday.

In a screenshot taken on the GoFundMe page, Hyland said, "This is my 14-year-old cousin, Trevor, who was killed by a drunk driver yesterday.

According to Trevor's GoFundMe page set by his mother Becky sisters Tessa and joy, Omaha, and Nebraska were "driving to show chorus events and drunken drivers caused serious traffic accidents."

"Bryan is recovering physically, but sadly Trevor is catching his wings and playing crazy football in the sky."

The GoFundMe page is collecting money for funeral and medical expenses.

Sarah Highland


"Trevor was funny, smart, innovative, athletic, and stupid, and very fond of it." His memory will live in many ways. Please help me do this now for my family to help me escape from pain to focus on emotional healing. "

Highland Modern family Ariel Winter re-posted Hyland's screenshots of Trevor and encouraged followers to donate. According to the story of Hyland and Winter Instagram, there were two previous DUIs in men suspected of driving another car. Hyland put another picture in the caption. "He took his uncle's car too fast, his cousin (who was wearing a seat belt) kicked out of the car."

Our thoughts come to Hyland and her family.

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