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Scheer throws helm to the East-West Energy Corridor and tries a frontal attack on oil at Trudeau.


Andrew Scheer, the Conservative leader, today abolished Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's economic initiative (except for Canadian children's allowance) in order to balance economic activity with federal government books in western Canada. Said.

Sheer's speech to the Canadian Economic Club promised to set a positive outlook for the economy, but explained Trudeau as an incompetent and capable waste of Canada on its way to the economic crisis, with several shots to the prime minister.

Scheer reported that while economic indicators are generally positive, Canada has the lowest unemployment rate in history and a better stock market and economic growth than other G7 countries. He points out that many of the Canadians who participated in the polling data surveys they have reported feel that the economy is not working well in the age of sky high household debt.

"The economic indicators may be one thing, but human indicators say something else," he said.

& # 39; Offensive Attacks on the Energy Industry & # 39;

Si Huh has a difficult task of confronting the prime minister sitting at an economically good time. Since Trudeau was elected, the country has created one million new jobs, and more recent jobs have been added since April 1976, according to a recent StatsCan job report.

Scheer, however, criticized Trudeau's criticism of the government's natural resource policy, particularly in the two Bill C-69 and B.C. And blamed it on Bill C-48 in the north. Tanker vanity – reaching a "full-scale legislative attack on the energy industry that will give death to important Canadian industries".

"Ladies and gentlemen of Justin Trudeau, Canada has become a nation of no.We have the wealth of resources that most nations dream of, labor market, the world's cleanest technology, and abundant resources We have a winning lottery ticket, and he wants to throw it away, and Canada must be the country of "Yes." The world needs – and in the trude we are wasting it.

"Instead of unity to help all Canadians benefit from the prosperity and natural resources of our country – the trusdues caused division."

The Free Government has taken a series of measures, such as the expansion of Trans Mountain's pipeline expansion into the limbo due to a series of legal regressions, and then, as necessary actions, strengthened indigenous consulting, timelines, We advocated an evaluation check to ensure public participation. . Opponents of the measure are too afraid to complain to the "more pipeline" bill, giving too much room to the Federal Environment Minister.

Liberals defended the tanker ban legislation as a way to protect the natural beauty of B.C. in the north. Blocks crude oil content in ecologically sensitive areas. Critics say the bill cuts off another potential means for energy exports in the highly constrained pipeline capacity era.

East-West Energy Corridor

Scheer, along with the federal government's carbon tax, abolished the bill and proposed a new private coastal coastal right specifically designed for energy infrastructure projects such as pipelines and new hydro projects.

He predicts that oil demand will rise in the next few years (quoting the OECD forecast for "demand for maximum oil" in 2030), and that Canada should become a world energy superpower when considerable natural resources are taken into account.

"With a single corridor, we were able to minimize environmental impacts, lower environmental assessment costs, increase investor confidence, and most importantly, complete projects."

In fact, Canada has enough oil to replace all of the above-mentioned imports from bad countries and to end all foreign oil imports in one go. "

She will promise to keep the Liberal government's tax-exempt Canadian Child Benefit, but will limit spending and limit new spending in order to limit spending under his leadership. He said.

"The message to politicians and top bureaucrats will be simple: I want to make new money, I have to find it first, my family lives in Sudan, and so should the government."

The Conservatives were criticized by liberals for their plan to return to Balanced Budget.

Treasury Secretary Bill Morneau said the plan would result in billions of dollars cut in government programs. Schaeer insisted Wednesday that such a cut would not be necessary, but he gave little details on how to manage the tough fiscal struggle.

He said he will cancel Canada's $ 265 million in donations to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and will "demolish" the Canada Infrastructure Bank, an "administrative nightmare for cancellation of money." The bank has been a source of funds for the expansion of public transport in Montreal so far.

These two initiatives are just a fraction of Ottawa's spending and are only part of the current budget deficit.

Scheer also said that for companies like Bombardier, they would end "government handouts" or "corporate welfare."

"There is no need for massive spending cuts to balance the budget," he said. "Taking a responsible and measured approach to spending growth will go a long way."

He also reiterated the promise of two economic policies: the elimination of the GST from home heating rates and the promise of maternity and childcare allowance – employment benefits (EI) benefits – exemption benefits.

Scheer also pledged to "review the mortgage stress test", a policy that Liberals federal pension authorities introduced to stabilize the mortgage market, a popular policy for real estate brokers, mortgage brokers and some homeowners.

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