Friday , June 25 2021

"Serious conversation" about Jean Segura Trade in Philadelphia

11:16 pm: Segura and possibly another player will go to Phillies in exchange for trade packages including Santana and Crawford. Seattle Times Ryan Division report. It is not yet clear whether Segura will abandon his trade ban, but Segura will want to rebuild the Mariners with Divinish figures. Sezura's agent Nez Balelo, Tell Hayman. We can not conclude that his client will abandon the transaction prohibition clause. "If Jean is worthy of the negotiations, he will consider and there are many variables to consider in order to give up his full transaction and move forward."Said Valero.

10:40 pm: Segura is expected to give up his no-trade clause to accommodate the deal. Jon Paul Morosi report on MLB.comTwitter Link).

9:59 pmThe two teams "agreed in principle" to the trade. Bob Nightengale of USA Today Tweets. The deal will be announced on Monday, and Crawford will return to Seattle. The guess is Carlos Santana You can send money to M to balance the money involved in the transaction. John Hyman of Van Cread"Even if the Mariners resist it." Santana's participation will add a whole new side to the deal because the first baseman owes $ 35 million over the next two years. The Mariners J. Bruce and Antonis Barzac However, he returned from the Mets to offset Cano's salary.

9:10 pm: The Phillies and Mariners are doing "serious conversations" about the trade that can send shortstop. Zhang Seguura In Philadelphia, Ken Rosenthal reports of the exerciseTwitter Link). Segura will have to give up his no-trade clause to allow the move. Rosenthal has M's "have [their] The next transaction stood in line. " Robinson Kano and Edwin Diaz Since the negotiation can be completed by Monday, it implies a possible timeline for potential CeGra movements. Yesterday, Rosenthal reported that Seattle is interested in Phillies top prospects. J.P. Crawford As a potential part of the revenue for Segura.

Segura was the first to be linked to the Phillies last week and was a popular figure in trade rumors since the Mariners switched to pay cut mode. The Yankees also showed interest in Segura, while the Padres and Mariners were interested in a blockbuster Mike Rick In exchange for San Diego Will Myers. It is not surprising that Segura has been raising such interest in the last three seasons with a .308 / .353 / .449 slash line and 41 home runs. He will not be 29 by March, and he will be controlled through the 2022 season with a contract to pay $ 58 million during the four seasons (including 1 MM purchase of the 17 million club option in 2023).

Since Crawford did not show much of his limited MLB action and is a good Superman, shortstop was a major problem area for the Phillies last season. Scott King Currie He also could not produce in his first big league season. Manny Machado It is expected to be the biggest target in Philadelphia this winter, but in the case of Cegra trade events, Margado will be chased to third base while Segura will handle shortstop.

Dealing with the Segura would be the latest move in the rather stunning list overhaul coordinated by Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto, James Paxton, Mike Junino, Alex Colom, And officially (except for all) Cano and Diaz for less than four weeks. Leak and Kyle Cigar Dipoto is on sale as it is expected to carry out as many long-term contracts as possible to get back into contention in 2020 or 2021. The deal has already given Mariners a considerable amount of young talent You've got it, and you can do more with Segura deals. Or Dipoto has more controllable talent Madness or Marco Gonzalez. For example, Crawford has seen consensus in the top 16 in sports such as Baseball America and Baseball America for the past three seasons, but his stock has been somewhat blurred due to his relative shortage at the Triple-A level. .

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