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Update 6:55 a.m.

The Canadian Supreme Court has said that Ontario truck driver Bradley Barton must be tried for murder, not murder, in the case of Cindy Gladue, who blew in the bathroom of the Edmonton motel room.

The Supreme Court today said in its decision under paragraphs 4-3 that evidence of sexual history was wrongly handled at the first trial and that Barton was found guilty of first degree murder.

Barton acknowledged having sex with Cindy Gladue in 2011 and argued that it was an accident, but a consensual activity, which was a serious injury to the wall that caused her death.

Crown said he intentionally wounded Glad, convicted of one year of murder, and at least charged with murder. Mrs. Metis, 36, did not agree with this activity.

Barton was found guilty of a jury member who repeatedly referred to Gladue as a "prostitute" and an "indigenous person", but the Alberta Court of Appeal withdrew his innocence and ordered a new trial for first degree murder.

The majority of the Supreme Court argues that Barton's new trial should be limited to murder. The procedural errors in the original trial did not undermine the jury's finding of alleged murder.

ORIGINAL 5:42 a.m.

The Supreme Court will rule today for Ontario truck drivers who have been acquitted of the death of an Alberta woman who can make a precedent in the Canadian Sexual Abuse Act.

Bradley Barton argued at the Edmonton motel in June 2011 that Cindy Glad had died after a rough night of consensual consent.

The jury was unable to plead guilty to first degree murder and murder charges after Gladue was consistently considered an Aboriginal prostitute and her conserved vaginal organization was the exhibit's trial.

The Crown appealed a national protest and ordered a new trial at the Alberta Court of Appeals.

The Appeal Court has found that there is a serious error in the jury trial and trial of Barton 's conduct and consent to sexual violence laws.

The Supreme Court heard a debate over some procedural issues last October, but could have decided for the first time whether the "possibility of objective likelihood" could reverse sexual consent.

Alberta Crown and other local attorneys have argued that the law has such additional provisions.

Barton's lawyer, Dino Bottos, said it would be a big deal if he agreed to a court hearing and agree to an appeal rather than a trial.

Barton testified that Gladue hired a penis during his two weeks with a penis. When he woke up after the second night, he found her in the bathtub and called 911.

The court heard that Gladue had fallen 11 centimeters into the genitalia and had reached death.

The coroner testified that Gladue's vaginal wall may have been caused by sharp objects. The rare movement used Gladue's preserved vaginal tissue as an exhibit.

Some mediators in the case noted that Gladue disagreed and that the three mothers of Metis were better qualified at trial.


May 24, 2019 / 5:33 | story:

According to a new study, a slow and steady approach to the reconstruction of northern hemisphere can lead to a significant increase in fisheries over a period of more than a decade. The report was released on Thursday by Oceana Canada, a advocacy group, one of six case studies evaluated by Fisheries economists at the University of British Columbia, in a larger report that takes into account the social and economic benefits of Canada's fishery rehabilitation. Economists predict that reconstructed fishing in northern Daegu will create 26,000 jobs within 11 years under favorable environmental conditions and low fishery pressures. The economic activity generated by fishing can reach $ 233 million from the current $ 33 million.

"Our results suggest that if we are to pay for these short-term costs, we can get better economic benefits over the long term.

This study spoke about the state of northern cod as a "symbolic species" that is very important for the coastal communities of northeast Newfoundland and Labrador. "It stands as a symbol of bounty and prosperity that has supported huge fisheries …. It is also a devastating consequence of overfishing and overfishing." "The fragile signs of recovery in northern Daegu bring hope, and it gives us the opportunity to rectify the mistakes of the past." The researchers carried out a number of scenarios, but even under extreme environmental conditions, the value of northern cod was expected to exceed value under current practices if it could be reconstructed to a healthy state with low fisheries. North Daegu estimates have been adjusted to "stay current". The status quo was defined as 13,000 tonnes of fish a year and the low catches of 9,500 tonnes. Commercial cod fisheries, the backbone of Newfoundland and Labrador's fisheries, collapsed and, after a grace period in 1992, destroyed thousands of jobs and sparked protests. Federal fisheries officials warned that the stock has gained considerable profits over the past few years, but is still in crisis. Oceana Canada's forecasts are consistent with the advice provided by the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans when announcing last month's annual report. The DFO recommended keeping the cod removal at the "lowest" level until the population number cleared the critical zone.

Fish, food and coalition unions alleged "a modest increase in yields" in the DFO's latest report, arguing that this increase would not have a significant impact on stock growth.

In an interview, Robert Rangeley, the science director at Oceana Canada, said that North Dakota has been chosen as a case study because of its great potential. "It shows some evidence of the kind of collapsed recovery and is going in the right direction," Rangeley said. "Should we be patient, or do we have to hurry up now? I think this adds a bit of evidence that the patient approach will benefit in the future." Rangeley said the reconstruction plan is key, but it is often missing from restoring the health of Canadian stocks. Daegu research indicated that only five of the Canadian fish stocks that were "critically depleted" were rebuilding plans, some of them pointing out that they do not follow global best practices. Rangeley said these plans should keep in mind the needs of coastal communities, but he said that if the stocks could be rebuilt to healthy levels due to reduced catches, they would do the best. "We still have to rebuild these stocks and it will be worth it," Rangeley said.

May 24, 2019 at 5:29 am | story:

The concept of a Pan-Canadian corridor dedicated to railways, power lines and pipelines has been around for at least half a century, but it seems to be getting a big publicity effect.

Andrew Scheer, the Conservative party 's former secretary of the Conservatives last week, had a similar idea in a major campaign speech. He promised that if he wins the election in October, he will try to build a cross-country "energy corridor".

He said the plan would be finalized in full consultation with local and indigenous communities. Scheer said he will provide a way to lower the costs of environmental impact assessments, increase investor confidence, and increase opportunities to build more projects.

In recent years there has been a growing interest in coastal corridors. Energy infrastructure proposals have not gained approval due to the regulatory process and impact of the community on environmental impacts.

For example, in Alberta, where oil is abundant, pipeline capacity shortages have caused bottlenecks that harm state and national economies. Sellers had to sell cheap because there was no opportunity to simply get a means of buying willing to buy oil.

Over the past few years, some scholars and senators have urged the federal government to seriously consider the concept of corridors.

Scheer's shoes appear inspired by the University of Calgary newspaper in 2016, offering possible solutions through the northern corridor for transportation and infrastructure.

G. Kent Fellows, co-author of the report, said that the right of way is available for roads, railways, pipelines, electricity transmission lines and communications. The 7,000-kilometer corridor proposed by this study will also serve communities north of the existing East-West route closer to the US border. Conceptual arrangements and derivations link the ports of Northern British Columbia and the Northwest Territories to Churchill, Mann, Eastern Quebec and Labrador.

Fellows said the barriers to consulting and regulating new projects are substantial.

"While such a regulation is clearly for a reason, we tried to present a better model," he said.

Fellows said the dedicated infrastructure corridor has been successful in other parts of the world, including Europe and Australia.

Pipelines are very good at creating economic benefits at both ends of the road, but not so much in the middle. But roads, railways, electricity and communications can help people along the way, Fellows said.

Fellows, who co-authored the paper with Andrei Sulzenko, said, "Everyone is not 100% happy, but the goal is to try to make it a bit happier than it is now."


May 23, 2019 2:19 pm | story:

Many years after major storm storms have caused great disruption in Canada, the Canadian Hurricane Center is warning about self-sufficiency.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Thursday a hurricane forecast. This season, he predicts that there will be 9 to 15 storms, 4 to 8 hurricanes, and 2 to 4 major hurricanes.

Bob Robichaud of the Canadian Center says it is similar to last year's hurricane season when two storms hit Canada, including Chris Tropical Storm Chris landed in Newfoundland in July 2018.

Robichaud warned, however, that some Atlantic canadians may eat trees and forget the storms, such as the tropical storms that caused massive blackouts in 2014 and the widespread anger of Hurricane Juan in 2003.

And he reminded reporters that he saw a briefing at Halifax against Hurricane Michael, who flattened some of his Florida fan handles last October.

The Halifax-based center has helped Canadian Environment Agency create a recently launched smartphone app, WeatherCAN, and encourages people to track storms and monitor changes in direction and intensity as soon as they begin.

Robichaud says, "It's important to help people get an accurate view of the weather because storms are approaching and predictions can change.

According to Robichaud, research shows that after a storm, such as Hurricane Juan, the satisfaction level increases after about six years.

"People tend not to take any preparatory work if the hurricane has not happened in recent years," warned meteorologist Robichaud.

"It's more important to take the necessary precautions to prepare because it's been five years since the storm that has had a significant impact on us."

The University of Waterloo's Intact Center on Climate Adaptation has issued a simple guide for Canadians on basic measures to prepare for flood risk from extreme weather.

The Center is repeatedly pointing out that without baseline measures, basement flooding could cost tens of thousands of dollars in hurricane damage.

Those publications include home flood control programs that begin with simple steps such as sump pump testing, cleaning eavestroughs and maintaining drainage valves.

Some of the more advanced measures include removing obstacles from underground drainage and conducting scoring work that moves water from the house.

Hurricane season is from June 1 to early November.

Robichaud said hurricanes tend to eat warmer water and as a result, the Center is closely monitoring this trend.

Meteorologists predict that as the summer progresses, the water in the eastern Atlantic will warm and warmer than average.

Robichaud also said that the Atlantic continues its high hurricane activity, which is not over.

May 23, 2019 2:16 pm | story:

The Philippine government is refusing to schedule the return of the trash at the end of June and is planning to return it to Canada.

A spokesman for Salvador Pando said in a media briefing in Manila that the Canadian space station is not enough and that the Philippine government has incorrectly packed 69 Canadian trash cans throughout the Pacific by next week.

This week, Panelo said President Rodrigo Duterte has handled a six-year-old dispute by ordering abandoned containers in the Canadian waters after Canada missed the deadline of May 15th at Duterte.

"The garbage will soon be sent back," Pagarro said in the Tagalog language. "This week or a week later, certainly not at the end of June."

"We will not allow ourselves to be trashy."

Environment minister Catherine McKenna said Wednesday that Ottawa commissioned the Canadian office of Bollore Logistics, a French transit company, to return to Canada before the end of June. Environmental officials say the container must be fumigated in the Philippines before being loaded on board.

McKenna's reporter Sabrina Kim said Canada was "fully engaged" with the Philippines to expedite the disposal of waste to Vancouver for disposal.

The contract with Bollore is $ 1.14 million, but the Philippine government said it would pay to drop the trash.

Containers are misplaced into plastics for recycling to the rest of the 103 shipping containers that the Canadian company sent to the Philippines in 2013 and 2014. The Philippine authorities have been alerted to the fact that there are more substances than the Filipino importers can handle and have ordered them to find containers that are filled with normal litter, not substances that can be recycled.

Canada and the Philippines have fought over what to do with their content since 2014. The Philippine government recently recalled ambassadors and consulate general until Canada handled the waste.

May 23, 2019 / 1:21 pm | story:

After at least two deaths in 18 months, new federal regulations for alcoholic beverages have been in place for some time.

The alcohol content described by Health Canada as a "disposable flavored refined alcoholic beverage" can no longer exceed 25.6 ml for each container less than one liter.

The amount is approximately one and a half hours. Once served, up to four standard alcoholic beverages could have been included.

This change comes after the death of Quebec teenager Ajena Gervais in 2018.

Her death raised questions about beverages and their marketing to young people, and the Canadian Department of Health discussed it extensively today before introducing new regulations.

Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor said in a statement that the rule would be effective and there would not be an immediate lapse of time given the "seriousness of the situation".

Educational non-profit Educational Alcool, promoting responsible drinking, says they are disappointed with the new rules they call too generous.

The organization thinks that the federal government has missed an opportunity to crack down on relatively new industries.

May 23, 2019 10:15 am | story:

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has sentenced a convicted person for abused children to at least five years' imprisonment on Thursday.

Scheer, announced in Queens's Delson suburbs of Montreal, said it would ensure punishment for sex offenses in consideration of child abuse and sexual abuse.

Senator Shaheer said that sexual abuse would last a lifetime. "It must be a crime," she said, and said the victim should ensure that the federal government properly punish criminals.

"Under my leadership, the Conservative government will always prioritize victims' rights over the rights of criminals," Sharer said in a statement. "We will prevent a person who harms or exploits a child from taking too long to belong to it."

The Conservatives say additional action by the federal government is necessary because the punishment for a terrible crime, including children, is "miserably inappropriate."

The Penal Code has provisions on sexual activity, sexual contact and sexual exploitation that make maximum and minimum penalties, depending on whether the prosecution is guilty or proceeding with a general conviction. They can range from 90 days to 14 years behind bars.

Scheer began a series of policy announcements to define Canadians, themselves, and political parties ahead of the October elections.

On Wednesday, he added that he would revise the criminal code to make it easier to convict a criminal suspect, pledging police funding, survivor service and public awareness to fight trafficking.

He is in the midst of five speeches addressing his views on issues such as foreign policy, the economy and the environment.

May 23, 2019 at 10:14 am | story:

The Canadian Supreme Court will review the potential groundbreaking trial proceedings aimed at video lottery terminals and if so, on what grounds.

The Supreme Court agreed that the verdicts of the Newfoundland and Labrador courts would eliminate the class action lawsuits claiming that VLTs were inherently deceptive, addictive and illegal under the Penal Code and combine the two challenges.

Newfoundland and Labrador, paid to Atlantic Lottery Corp for gambling in VLT games since April 2006, has about 30,000 people and the results can affect games across Canada.

Senior Managers, retirees Douglas Babstock and Fred Small, claim damages equal to the illegal profits gained through the lottery.

The company claims that strictly regulated electronic games are determined only by chance.

According to common practice, the Supreme Court did not provide a reason to agree to hear the objection, and the date of the hearing has not yet been set.

May 23, 2019 / 9:33 am | story:

Newfoundians have been convicted of possession of child pornography since the judge ruled that he did not know the sex doll he ordered was a child.

Judge Mark Pike said the doll was accepting the testimony of an expert known as child pornography and that Kenneth Harrison's order was not true.

The judge, however, concluded that Harrison had no doubt proved that he knew what was in his St. John's house in 2013.

In a state court trial, Harrisson testified that he was willing to order a homosexual sex doll for homosexuality to replace his son who died in infancy decades ago.

A spokesman for Pike said Thursday that Harrison 's explanation was too difficult, but the minister had too much suspicion about Harrison' s view on the Web page he ordered.

"The reason Harrison ordered the doll is incredible and does not make sense to me, but it does not mean that Crown has met the burden of evidence," Pike said on Thursday.

"Do not confuse the question of whether there is a reasonable doubt, or the question of who I should believe."

Unusual events have been going through courts for years. It is considered the first trial to deal with child pornography charges involving sex dolls in Canada.

This case was intended to set a precedent for making child pornography when the actual child is not involved.

Harrison, 54, was convicted of sending child pornography and pornography. He was also released on charges of two indictments under federal tariffs on possession of smuggled and prohibited goods.

Harrisson ordered a doll in Japan in 2013, I was intercepted on my way to John 's home.

Harrisson testified that he did a Google search for the term "sex doll" and chose the most photographed "male-like" face that resembles his son when he turned 25 in 2013.

He said that the dolls delivered to his house were not what he ordered because he had to order an adult doll called "Carol". He said he had no intention of having sex with a doll.

Crown attorneys claimed that the submitted doll would be closed for submission as three-dimensional child pornography.

Canadian criminal law defines child pornography as a photograph, movie, video or other visual expression whether or not the person under 18 years of age or explicitly depicted is made of electronic or mechanical means.

Pike accepted evidence from forensic psychiatrist Peter Collins on Thursday. Peter Collins testified that in 2017 the doll was "puberty" and advertised as child pornography.

Pike said the item met criminal code definitions, but the possession of the detective is knowledgeable.

Many Collins testimonies depended on how the doll was advertised online on websites selling adult and child sex dolls. Pike said there is no evidence Thursday that the Harrison Web site is the same evidence that police and Collins have seen.

Pike revealed that Harrison provided a computer for police searches, but made it impossible to determine what he saw on the Web site, how he found the product, or what he intended to order.

"Because the search has never been done, it can not be determined by examining whether the doll ordering process and whether or not the doll used is known to be an important descriptor that determines the character of the doll.

Pike pointed out that the dolls delivered to Harrison's home are not exactly the same as the dolls on the Japanese website, but are most similar to dolls sold as children.

He said Harrison's behavior at the time of the doll's order was not in line with the way people normally use his name in the order and who admit guilt in cooperation with the police.

The judge said the disagreement raised doubts about Harrison's guilt.

Harrison was silent when he left the courtroom, but he smiled.

May 23, 2019 9:24 AM | story:

With impressive investments in China's renewable energy and electric vehicles, some fossil fuel activists and some economists warn that Canada's new pipeline and LNG plant could become a stranded asset.

There is a fear that China will decarbonize to the extent that it does not need Canadian oil or natural gas.

However, Yao Li CEO of SIA Energy, a Chinese energy consulting firm, said at the annual Canadian gas and LNG conference that demand for LNG in China is almost limitless on May 21.

Since only about 57% of natural gas demand is supplied domestically, changes in China to supply electricity from coal to natural gas will require a substantial increase in LNG imports, Li said.

China also said it can not repeat the US shale gas revolution and will need a large amount of LNG imports.

"In China, the coal and gas conversion movement continues, contributing to not only LNG imports but also huge demand growth."

LNG suppliers may expect other Asian countries like India to increase LNG imports, but China is the largest market. China will be the largest importer of LNG by 2025,

Dulles Wang, Woodmackenzie's director, said, "We expect the gas market to expand by around 40% over the next 20 years from 2020 to 2040." China's growth in gas demand will account for about two-thirds " said.

China currently supplies about 57% of domestic natural gas demand and 43% of LNG imports. Li also said there is "insufficient" pipeline capacity for domestic gas.

Two years ago, Li said 60% of China's primary energy came from coal. Fell to 56% in the first quarter of 2019. Natural gas consumption has increased from 6.5% of total energy consumption to 8.3% during that period.

Li estimates that demand for LNG imports in China will increase from 40 million tonnes (mtpa) to 90mtpa per year by 2030.

"I do not ask how much demand there is," Li said. "Demand is almost limitless."

The problem with LNG developers to make a final investment decision (FID) is that about half of LNG needed by China by 2030 has not yet been secured by long-term contracts. Projects that require hundreds of billions of dollars of capital investment require long-term contracts before companies can build FIDs.

Canada has an early LNG industry – last year's $ 40 billion LNG Canada project was approved, so it was a question of whether Canada could approve an LNG project or whether there was Canadian gas demand. The question now is whether other LNG proposals, such as the Kitimat LNG project, can get the project economy to gain market share before other LNG projects around the world are implemented.

There are many large LNG projects for FID in the US, Qatar and Mozambique, and many of these projects can be more advantageous than Canada in terms of economy.

The United States emerged as a major LNG producer with factories in the US Gulf Coast pulling natural gas from all corners of the United States.

Jack Weixel, vice president of PointLogic Energy, said his company expects a "record FID" in 2019 and 2020. All of these are expected to open in the "second wave" project between 2025 and 2026 It was time to meet demand windows.

"At that time, global demand will not keep pace with the pending supply growth," he said.

– Nelson Bennett / Business of Vancouver

May 23, 2019 8:21 am | story:

The bronze statue of the prominent Saints of Winnipeg, once blessed by the pope, was thirsty.

A day depicting St. Volodymyr outside the cathedral of Sts. 블라디미르 (Vladimir)와 올가 (Olga)는 화요일 아침 일찍 도난 당했다.

조각상에 포함 된 우크라이나의 국장에 보이는 십자 기호가 도난당했습니다.

마이클 바이 야착 목사는 교회는 고인돌을 위해 머리를 팔아서 회수하고 수정할 수 있기를 희망한다고 말했습니다.

위니펙 조각가 인 레오 몰 (Leo Mol)이 만든 동상은 1984 년 교황 요한 바오로 2 세에 의해 축복을 받았다.

경찰은 수사 중이지만 아무도 체포되지 않았다.

"적어도 말하기에는 큰 재앙"이라고 Buyachok이 말했다. "슬픈 일이 있습니다. 누군가가 오셔서 운율이나 이유없이 그러한 파괴 행위를하게하십시오."

"그들은이 대성당에서 매우 훌륭한 사람들입니다. 그리고이 일을 그들에게 한 것입니다. 그것은 단지 고통스러운 경험 일뿐입니다."

그는 또한 누락 된 조각이 반환되지 않으면 다른 예술가가 조각상을 고쳐야 할 것이라고 말했다.

Buyachok은 성 Volodymyr가 왕자 였을 때 988 년에 우크라이나에서 기독교를 받아 들였기 때문에 우크라이나 천주교 인에게 중요하다고 말했다.

2019 년 5 월 23 일 오전 8시 2 분 | story:

브리티시 컬럼비아에 살고있는 42 세의 남성은 2016 년 뉴브 런스 윅 북부의 한 여성 사망과 관련하여 2 급 살인과 방화 혐의로 기소되었습니다.

2016 년 10 월 22 일, 소방관들은 Val-d'Amour에있는 집에서 71 세의 Lucille Maltais의 시체를 발견했습니다.

수사 결과 화재가 고의적으로 설정됐으며 사망은 살인이라고 판단됐다.

RCMP는 계속해서 화재와 사망을 조사했으며, 수요일 경찰관들은 조사와 관련하여 브리티시 콜롬비아에있는 한 남자를 체포했습니다.

청구인은 42 세의 Charles Alex Maltais입니다. Val-d'Amour 출신이지만 최근에 B.C.의 Lower Mainland에 살고있었습니다.

그는 구금 상태에 있으며 앞으로 뉴 브런 즈윅 법정에 파견 될 예정입니다.

더 많은 캐나다 뉴스

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