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Sigma's weapons, abilities and ultimate breaking game house

It is a formula. Sigma is the 31st hero of Overwatch.. With the announcement along with Seagull, fans were able to taste their weapons, abilities and ultimate, and to understand a little more about who Sigma really is. More information about new characters is provided in-depth explanations of the entire kit and details of how it can affect current Overwatch Meta.

Weapon: Curved Orb

These orbs are projectiles protruding from the wall. If you land directly, both of them cause 120 damage to the landing.

Shield: Experimental Shield

Shields can be deployed at high speeds, allowing the player to rotate and defend from any angle. 1500 hp.

Ability: Accretion and Damage Mitigation

increase: This ability draws the mass, throws it at the enemy, and does a lot of damage.

Mitigation: This ability absorbs damage and provides sigma protection in the results. Sigma can convert up to 800 health / shield damage.

The Ultimate: Anti-Gravity Slam

Ultimately, Sigma throws a character in the air, grabs the character for a while, then defeats them.


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