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Six things I learned about CBS & Meghan Markle from Harry Plus One

member Megan Mark LookBritish journalists and royal historians painted the Duke of Sussex and the Duke in a remarkable positive light at a CBS news special press conference. Gayle King title Megan and Harry plus one.

One-hour feature explored in the new life of former US actresses Prince HarryShe has become a subject since she joined the royal family, paying close attention to the negative (and undoubtedly unjust) media. Meghan's best friend, makeup artist Daniel Martin Actor Johnny GavankarI shared my frank thoughts about rampant rumors and even how the Duchess coped with extreme peaks and valleys.

More insights into the first year of Meghan's reminiscence include her reaction – including her reaction – That Shoutout from Beyonceand Jay-Z-keep Scroll!

Is there a truth in Meghan's "Diva" Antics report?:

According to Daniel, absolutely not. "What is so disappointing is that you hear this story and they do not have the truth," he said. "I am not the same person." In the years that I have known her, I've been working with her for several years, she never was a Diva, and I know she never deserves to have this negative press. " Janina added, "She does not read good or good because she knows that her metrics for her life can not be based on someone else's title."

Meghan and Harry's love is not for shows.:

As Daniel said, "They love each other so much and they are true. Love is real." In light of the royal wedding that took place almost a year ago, Janina said, "I should be happy and happy to see my friend's eyes in her soul." She later said, "She has a very solid sense of true northwardness, and she has priorities in finding ways to light the global problems, but she is with her spiritual companion, not alone. Powerful. " Stroke a lot!

Prince Charles's lifetime gesture:

Megan's tabloid drama about the raucous father cast a shadow on his wedding day, and many wondered who would walk to his absence path. Prince Charles was in charge and Daniel recalled how it had descended and Daniel rose with tears. "The door is open and standing behind you," he said. "I looked down and saw just how strong she was, and she kept her calm. [Prince Charles and Prince Harry] I intercepted her. It's gotten you. You are one of us. & # 39; She is at home. "

Welcome to Meyhive.:

In Beyonce's fan base, Meghan's faithful followers, known as Behhive, and her ideals were collectively called "Meyhive". Queen Bey may also consider herself a member because she and Jay-Z included Meghan while accepting honor at the Brit Awards of the Year. Daniel said in a letter to Megan that he had a picture of a magnificent moment, "a picture emoticon with big eyes."

Meghan and Harry's parenting style is amazingly relevant.:

Although they were only moms and dads for two weeks, Daniel predicted what store Archie's future would be. "I feel like Megan and I will really keep this kid up.I am sure that the baby will be clean and green.When she cooks she wants to eat organic.Oh, Yes! "He pondered. From Janina's point of view, she said, "She will be a wonderful mother.I think she will reach out to very low maintenance, just like when she was not married in the royal family.I remember that Meghan, strictly speaking, Is an incredibly pragmatic person, and she will ride on a solid ship. "

So who is responsible for Meghan's Imeccable closet?:

As it turned out, she is! Daniel told Gayle that Duchess had no her own designer and picked out all of her own ensembles. "She always had a natural sense of her own style," he added. "It's pretty amazing that she can manage all this."

Megan and Harry plus One will premier at 8 pm on Friday. To CBS.

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