According to a new report from Buzzfeed News, Ted Baker, a popular luxury British apparel company, needs to recognize and address concerns about inappropriate workplace behavior. The Ted Baker employee starts a petition signed more than 200 times in the platform configuration. Ted Baker said the company's CEO, Ray Kelvin, "is trying to massage people around the office and insults the staff for long periods of inadequate and open contact.

Nielsen Bernard / Getty Images

The petition that citizens can sign now reveals many complaints and suspicions about Kelvin to their employees. "The owner regularly sent sexually explicit material to his employees, stroked people's necks, and once took off his shirt and talked, his sex life." "Many people quit their jobs by harassment, whether oral, physical or sexual." According to the petition, an attempt to solve the problem with the company's human resources department says "Ted Baker's harassment is well documented, but the responsible person deliberately ignores it." It continues to claim that the company's Human Resources Department has disbanded complaints about Kelvin.

"It is hopeless and ineffective to pursue issues through the appropriate human resources channel, human resources," the petition added. "They do not act on the report.

In a newly released statement, the company said Kelvin "became a shareholder, investor, supplier, partner, customer or colleague with a hug," but said it was part of Ted Baker's culture, but he did not say absolutely. The company will "ensure a thorough and independent investigation"