Sunday , May 16 2021

Tesla iPhone X, iPhone 8 Folio Cases launch on Amazon

Remember the somewhat underwhelming wireless charging power bank Tesla released, pulled, and then re-released last year? It turns out that it was not the end of Tesla's mobile accessories lineup. Now it has new folio cases to give some iPhones some classic classy flair. Tesla has actually set up an entirely new product: electric cars. It's an unbelievable one.

Tesla has long been selling its own online store where it sells mostly accessories and add-ons for its electric vehicles and then some. It also has a wireless charging power bank. For one reason or another, however, it has opened up on the market.

The folio cases for iPhones are odd in themselves. With the Tesla wireless phone charger, the company tried to market it as a mini Powerwall for smartphones. In contrast, you will hardly be able to identify these folio cases as Tesla's if not the engraved brand on the satin finish cover.

Even stranger, however, is the only accessory for the iPhone and iPod touch. It's the only iPhone available for the iPhone.

Other than branding and bragging rights, however, the cases may not offer much over other brands. Especially at $ 45 a pop, you might expect something more. But then again for die-hard Tesla fans, no price it too high.

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