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The 2nd Annual Symposium of Laser Research Club of USA


(MENAFN – LLC) November 13, 2018 BOTHELL, Washington ( – Do not miss the opportunity to attend the best laser surgeons and dentists in 2019 at the American Laser Study Club (ALSC) 2nd Annual Symposium (Phoenix, Arizona) March 29-31, 2019. Join more than 50 exciting presentations from more than 50 doctors, dentists, veterinarians and other professionals in 4 tracks. CE credits are provided and hands-on training is provided. Learn more at

The symposium has four specializations and themed sessions:

  • Laser Dental and Oral Surgery
  • Veterinary laser surgery, dentistry and dermatology
  • Laser resection (tongue and lip-tie release)
  • Photobiological modulation, laser therapy and cosmetic laser surgery
  • Below are some of the presenter and announcement schedules *:

    Keynote speaker

    • Rajeev Agarwal, MD, FAAP – "The Story of the City – The Dialect Released"
    • Charles M. Cobb, DDS, MS, Ph.D. – "The status of laser-mediated treatment of periodontal disease"
    • Jack Dillenberg, DDS, MPH – "Dentistry is about teeth"
    • Robert A. Strauss DDS, MD, FACS – "Laser Surgery: Technology and Science"

    Laser Dental and Oral Surgery Session

    • Manuel Castillo, DDS, Diplomate, American Pediatric Dentistry Committee – "Lasers in Pediatric Dentistry: The Power of Light"
    • Claudia Cotca, DDS, MPH – "Microscopic Laser Surgery of the Frenectomy Clinical Protocol Using aesthetic Functional Periodontal Examination"
    • Patricia DeVilliers, DDS, MS, Oral Maxillofacial Pathologist – "Oral Soft Tissue Biopsy: Indications, Technology and Management"
    • Elizabeth Fleming, DDS – "Laser Pointers: Active Tips for Practice"
    • Kinga Grzech-Leśniak, DDS, Ph.D. – "Microbiological evaluation of neodymium and erbium lasers for oral pathogens"
    • Martin A. Kaplan, DMD, DABLS – My trip to CO2 from a diode for 15 years & # 39;
    • Robert Levine DDS – "How to use laser to support all dental restoration dynamics, including virtual tech support." And "The use of lasers in academic settings: teaching us our predecessors"
    • Sheena Patel, DMD, MPH – "Overview of Oral Lesion: Diagnosis and Management"
    • Marc Shlossman, DDS, MS – "Improved non-surgical periodontal results with attached diode lasers"
    • Ben Shutters, DMD – "Identification of Spirochetes in Oral Cavity and Laser Eradication: A Case Study, or How to Use a Laser Like a Jedi."
    • Richard B. Winter, DDS, MAGD, DABOI / ID, DCOI, FAAID, DABLS – "Modified minimum crown extension and other laser pearls for general dentistry"

    Veterinary Laser Surgery, Dental and Dermatology Sessions

    • Lori Agulian, DVM – "Carbon dioxide Surgery Laser for Removal of Skin and Subcutaneous Tumor Tumor Sarcoma and Tumor Cell Tumor in Dogs: 19 cases (2004-2018)"
    • Pedro Azevedo, DVM, MSc, Pst-Grd – "Comparison of Hemodynamic Responses in General Anesthesia of Patients Submitted to the Skin Incision Site with Scalpel and CO2 Laser Using Dogs as Animal Models."
    • Noel A. Burger, DVM, MS, Dip. ABLS – "Veterinary Oral Laser Surgery: Ah!"
    • David S. Bradley, DVM, FASLMS – "Veterinary Surgical Laser"
    • Miguel Carreira, Ph.D., MSC, DTO, Pst-Grd, DMD, DVM – "Comparison of the effect of CO2 laser and Scalpel skin incision on surgical wound healing process" In dogs undergoing surgery with CO2 Laser and Scalpel blade incision.
    • Lorraine A. Corriveau, DVM, DABVP (canine / feline) – "CO2 laser use in exotic animals" and "CO2 laser in veterinary dental and oral surgery"
    • David D. Duclos, DVM, DACVD – "Resection and ablation of various skin lesions in dogs and cats"
    • Edward F. Gilsleider, DVM – "CO2 laser surgery for small exotic animals"
    • Jakub Kaczmarek, DVM – "CO2 laser revolutionized my approach to general and perineal surgery"
    • Ziemowit Kudła, DVM – "Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS) – My 7 year career with Aesculight CO2 laser, more than 460 patients"
    • William E. Schultz, DVM – & # 39; Laser eyelid surgery procedure & # 39;
    • Christopher J. Winkler, DVM, VMLSO, Dip. ABLS – "Veterinary CO2 Laser Surgical Case Presentations."

    Laser resection session

    • Diana Batoon, DMD – "Childhood Diabetes and Sleep Disorder Breathing"
    • James M. Bronson, DDS, FIAO – "Myofunctional Therapy in OSA Patients, Language Frenectomy and Quantitative ALF Therapy" Airway Enhancement "
    • Sheila Bush, MSN, RN, OMT-C, FNP-C – "T.O.T.S. (Wild Wild West) Management"
    • Michelle Emanuel, OTR / L, Occupational Therapist – "The mission is not accomplished! How can I be completely reconnected, and what do I have to do to prevent it from having enormous functional consequences?"
    • Tara Erson, DMD – "Frenectomy Intensive Dental Practice"
    • Paula Fabbie, RDH, BS, COM – "Frenectomies – too much, too little, too late"
    • Martin A. Kaplan, DMD, DABLS – Frenum Care Beyond Infant & # 39;
    • Shelly F. Klein, MD, DABLS, COM – "Car Seat Challenge Reception"
    • Lisa Lahey, RN, IBCLC, OMT – "Morphology and Physiology for TOTS Assessment"
    • Brynn L. Leroux, DDS – "The joys and challenges of integrating TOTS, prayer and laser procedures into pediatric dentistry"
    • Lisa Paladino, MS, RN, CNM, IBCLC – "Team approach to tie infant's oral tissues (TOT)"
    • Patricia Pine, RDH, COM – "Lasers Meet Soft Tissue Frenums (TOTs)"
    • German Ramirez-Yañez, DDS, Pedo. Cert., MDSC, Ph.D., FRCD – "Tongue, sleep and respiratory disorders and teeth malocclusion: where do the dots connect?"
    • Cara Riek, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, IBCLC, DABLS – "Frenectomy Dissected: discussions before and after anatomy practice laser settings and other considerations."
    • Justin Roche, MB ChB, MRCPCH, IBCLC – "How to optimize the results of tongue tie for infants and improve the reputation of clinics for infants by team approach" and "The effect of resection on chick fed infants with postpartum disease / reflux"
    • Matthew J. Rowe, DDS, MSD – "Making Breast Friends: A Joint Approach to Diagnosis, Therapy and Resection Aftercare."
    • James Thomas, DDS, MS – Seattle's sleepless & # 39;
    • Jesse R. Witkoff, DDS, Diplomate, American Pediatric Dentistry Committee – String theory: Frenuli's Nonintegrated Theory & # 39;
    • Karen M. Wuertz, DDS, ABCDSM, DABLS, and FOM – "Talk the Talk: Exploring the current terminology used in the field of oral limitations and how it affects recognition and acceptance by practitioners in various fields"

    Photobiological modulation, laser therapy and cosmetic laser surgery sessions

    • Praveen Arany, BDS, MDS, MMSc, ​​Ph.D. "Photobiomodulation therapy: innovative and nonsurgical treatment with broad therapeutic implications for human health"
    • David S. Bradley, DVM, FASLMS – "Simplified laser therapy: a quick review of what you really need to know"
    • Katalin Kovács, DVM, Ph.D. – "Pet antibiotics (aPDT)"
    • Ron Rubin, DMD, Diplomate, American Council on Maxillofacial Surgery – Evaluate and maximize a miniaturized & # 39; Time Machine infrared laser,
    • Warren B. Seiler, III, MD, DABLS – "Cosmetic Laser Protocol and Therapy"

    CEA credits are offered in partnership with the ADA CERP CDE provider.

    Veterinary CE credits are provided through the AAVSB's Approved Lifelong Education Register (RACE) program.

    The American Laser Study Club (ALSC) promotes science-based laser surgery, dental and safety education. ALSC fills the gaps in current laser surgery and laser dental education (ie laser-tissue interaction physics such as absorption, scattering, ablation, coagulation and hemostasis, soft and hard tissue ablation, laser safety, etc.). Doctors, dentists, veterinarians and practitioners are excellent at efficiently and safely applying laser energy in daily practice.

    * The information, conditions, programs, schedule, and list of speakers included in this conversation are subject to change without notice. This is not the final presenter or presenter list. This is just a preview.

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    The 2nd Annual Symposium of Laser Research Club of USA

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