Thursday , August 5 2021

The movie "Angels with Dirty Souls" is not a real movie.

You are lovely Christmas Day Yesterday, I congratulated my family and friends. Because I will ruin it for you with this revelation of the classic festival movie. Alone at home.

Now, some of you might be aware of this fact and be on our dick to say the following: "Pedestrians, you idiot, how did you not know?" Or more linearly "Shut the pedestrian", Or old favorites: "Another excuse for a fucking pedestrian 'journalism' Wow care about myself, do you think I did it?

Anyway, if you knew about this, it was good, but I did not know about it and did not even have a great Hollywood star. Seth Rogen So that's enough for me. Basically, what happened? Beyond the Xmas, Seth saw the 1990 classic again, and learned that he shares with his followers and emits the mind to breathe it with his heart.

Kevin McAllister (Kevin McAllister) knows the movie in the movie.Macau Culkin). Alone at home Does it help to catch the bad guys? Well, it's not a real movie. Seth did not know.

Some people already knew this, but others just fought playfully.

Some people are a bit upset.

Of course, others were the smartest people on earth.

While others have more enterprising ideas:

Yes, it is.

after twitter If it is a space of know-how, some users have pointed out that the film titled "Angel of Filthy Souls" was actually produced. Alone at home The "sequel" of "The Angel of Filthier Souls" Alone at homeActual sequel, Home alone 2: Getting lost in New York.

2015 Vanity Fair The article explains the production of a "movie" of 1 minute and 20 seconds. The photographer had a day to meet with the photographer. Julio Machat Speak to publications: "We went for it". You suuure, Julio, and it's silly of us all (ok, ok, 80% of us).

Merry Christmas, later a dirty animal.

Alone at home

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