Wednesday , November 25 2020

The Tesla Supercharger partly disconnected the cable as a broken player hit through the charging plug.

The electric car revolution is steadily developing around the destructive cars such as Tesla Model 3. Throughout the automotive industry, new startups are focused on electric vehicles and veterans such as Porsche are committed to a sustainable future. Unfortunately, as can be seen in recent events surrounding the Tesla community, there still seem to be some groups that resist the electric vehicle as a whole.

In December, many Tesla community members shared their experiences with the supercharger being blocked by gas powered vehicles. Some of these "ICE-ing" events appear to be the result of honest mistakes, but some are undoubtedly intentional. r / Tesla owners Tesla owners U / Leicina and U / BarcodeOfficial of TeslaMotors subreddit point out that some pick-up truckers who intentionally blocked superchargers from orbiting EV owners are verbally afflicted.

While the ICE-episodes continue to be reported in the Tesla community, the recent events of Model 3 owners-enthusiasts Mark Larsen So far we have shown that it can be one of the most direct actions against Tesla. Became a victim of aggressive destruction, as pointed out by Larsen, a supercharger station in St. George, Utah, one of the company's oldest rechargeable batteries. During the incident, the destroyers attempted to sever the supercharger cable. The perpetrators drilled a hole in the charging chamber.

Tesla St. George, Utah Supercharger has recently become a victim of vandalism. (Picture: Mark Larsen/twitter)

As a result of the attack, the owner of Model 3 mentioned that the three booths of Supercharger were disabled. Luckily there was a security camera installed in this area. Therefore, there is hope that the perpetrator of the supercharger attack can eventually be arrested. As Larsen points out in his Twitter post, this case has already been reported to Tesla.

Tesla's electric cars are loved by many, but the car itself is polarized to some members of the automobile community. In addition to ICE-ing and vandalism against Superchargers, there has been an increase in reports of intrusions involving the Company's vehicles. In the Bay area and surrounding cities only some of Tesla's owners felt as if they were targeted by the frequency of attacks on electric vehicles.

Tesla Supercharger full of non-electric vehicles. (Photo: Tehshayne / Reddit)

Elon Musk pointed out that Tesla is going to release "Sentry Mode" with additional security features, Elon Musk pointed out, as unmanned vehicles responded to the owner of the damaged Model 3. Musk did not elaborate on the functionality of Sentry Mode, but it is assumed that this feature extends Tesla's built-in Dashcam solution and utilizes a car-to-video camera as a peripheral camera. In true Elon Musk fashion, the name Sentry Mode appears to be rooted in popular culture, which is a feature of Iron Man's redundant defense mechanism for JARVIS.

In a recent commentary on Twitter, Elon Musk pointed out that in a couple of weeks, Sentry Mode should be distributed to owners who are part of the company's beta testing program. Considering today's negative feelings from the anti-EV community, Tesla's Sentry Mode will be a timely function.

There is no doubt that the electric car revolution is starting. Because there is still resistance to electric cars, there is little that can be done to prevent the power industry from switching to power, especially when major markets such as Europe and China are dedicated to the future of sustainable energy. If one of the automakers confuses Tesla with the S, X and 3 models, veteran automakers are encouraging the development of electric vehicles as evidenced by cars such as Porsche Taycan and Jaguar I-PACE. As electric cars become more popular, we hope that automotive manufacturers will adopt more sustainable means of transportation and that their resistance to electric vehicles will diminish and disappear.

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