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The witness said he was overreacted to the Masai Ujiri case.

Adam Burns, The Canadian Press

Friday, June 14, 2019 10:42 AM EDT issued

Last updated on Friday, June 14, 2011, 4:12 pm

US law enforcement officials say Raptors president Masai Ujiri asserted that the Toronto team beat the police at Oracle Arena in Oakland shortly after winning the NBA Championship. But eyewitnesses arise from the authorities.

A spokesman for the Sheriff's Office of the Alamida County Sheriff's Office announced that Uzzi ran for the court on Thursday to celebrate the historic victory of the Golden State Warriors. He left his sheriff's agent on Thursday and demanded his credentials.

"Lee had no idea who Wu Ji was, Ray Kelly said in a telephone interview.

Kelly said Ujiri had no credentials with him. At that time, the NBA's former NBA executive insisted he pushed the agent to come to court.

"Our agent pushed the man again and said he could not go to court," Kelly said. "At that point the gentleman pushed our agent back and his arms hit our chin during the push."

He intervened in the NBA security at that point, and Ujiri said he could come to court. NBC Bay Area, a local television station, shared the video in an immediate aftermath of what appeared to be a different man from Ujiri. Uzzi joined the court with Raptor Guard Kyle Lowry.

A Warriors fan who witnessed the incident said the deputy of the Associated Press did not ask for a credential before he put his hand on Ujiri's chest and pushed him. 61-year-old ticket holder Greg Wiener said Ujiri had pushed the officer back before the onlooker intervened.

Wiener said he was standing next to the officer when the encounter happened, but the authorities did not interview him.

Kelly said he decided to commit a misdemeanor to local prosecutors on a "highway" rather than arrest Ujiri on international TV. He complained in this case that the police officer was not seriously injured but had pain in his chin.

Asked about the emergence of celebrated executives from celebrating historic victories with his team, Kelly said optics were not a concern.

"There is a credible policy that the NBA is in place. Everybody in the top management knows that they have to get a credential to attend the court."

"We look forward to more team representatives."

Lobster spokesman is working with US authorities and looking forward to resolving the situation. Alameda County District Attorney's Office said it will investigate the matter sometime next week.

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