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Throne's game: All loose series are never tied.


A few more pages of ice and fire songs could be written.

By Jesse Schedeen

Game of Thrones A perfect spoiler for the finale. As for the Game of Thrones, the WTF question about the finale, why Drokgon did what he did, why Westeros' new leader is a terrible choice, and the fate of Jon & Please make sure to pull it up. .

Though it sounds like a lot of eight seasons and 73 episodes, there are not enough room for all of the hundreds of characters that make up the Game of Thrones saga. So I wrapped a bunch of loose ends without bending them completely.

From the material of a forgotten character such as Meera Reed and Daario Naharis to the never-to-be-realized prophecies, there are all the threads that the series never solves.

Merah Reid


Meera Reed is one of the true heroes of the Game of Thrones saga. When Bran was having a magnificent old day of wandering around Westeros, Mera was busy stabbing, robbing, or not eating the slaves to carry dead bodies. To make matters worse, until she had safely returned Branf to Winterfell, she was too far away from the mortal world to thank her for her many sacrifices.

After her unfortunate departure in Season 7, there seemed to be more to Meera. Instead, she did not show up again, and we never met Her father Howland in addition to Bran's recollection of the tower of joy. Has House Reid survived the war with the White Walkers? And if so, what are they doing now? I do not seem to worry because I only know bran.

Dario Na Harris


Poor Dario. This seller has killed his allies to get closer to Dany. And in the end, his queen decided to leave him in Meereen, and as she traveled to Westeros, she saw herself as a new and lovely lover. What happened to Daario after six seasons? Did he still come down to Meereen to keep the peace and wait for his queen to return? Or did he get bored and wandered for another adventure?

You have to wonder if the quiet disappearance of Daario is related to the lukewarm response to the recapture of the character. For some fans, Daario was not the same after Ed Skrein was replaced by Michiel Huisman in Season 4.

Melisandre's prophecy about Arya


When they first met, Melijandre promised Aria a secret prophesy to Aria, promising that he would close a few different colored eyes forever and that the two would meet again. The second part apparently appeared true in "The Long Night", but this series was never apparent in the eyes Melljansdre mentioned. Did Arya complete the prophecy? Cersei was the last set of eyes. Was Arya destined to close? Or did you listen to Hound's advice to stop the prophecy?

Arya has so far killed so many people to say whether prophecy has been accomplished. Perhaps this is something that Arya-centric spin-off HBO may or may not produce.

Red Priest


The series of questions surrounding Melisandre and her fellow Red Priest actually have many questions. First, if the supporters of the Lord of Light were too hard to stop White Walker, why did Melissandre do all the hard work? What exactly did your colleagues do at the Winterfell Battle? We know there are more things in the land beyond Westeros. But apart from Toros they rarely appeared in the series. We did not even know exactly what the mysterious voices that Priest Kinvara saw returning or she caught the Varys as boys.

The biggest problem is the "promised prince", a hero believed to be the reincarnation of legendary warrior Azor Ahai. Several names from Stannis to Daenerys and Jon were nominated, but we did not know if Azor Ahai really came back or if this prophecy was just a bed. And since the Lord of Light appears to exist only in the game world, we are surprised that this has not been addressed more directly in the last season. I hope to learn more about R & # 39; hllor and his followers in one of the upcoming spin-off series.

Destination of dragon


Daenerys came to Westeros with 3 dragons. At last she and her dragon both died, and the sad lonely Dorrodon melted her throat and moved her mother's body into an unknown part.

Do not wonder where Drogon went and what he plans to do when he gets there. Will he eat Dany's body like he is sure that much of the Internet will happen? What happens in the Game of Thrones is not the most twisted. Is Drogon wandering the ground looking for a house? What if he inevitably encounters a fearful dragon? Or would he just sleep on a mass of gold in search of a brave mountain?

Elarias Sands


Ellaria Sand showed a rough motion in the series. First, she saw her crushed skull on the mountain. While Ellaria lost money (even if she was poisoned by an innocent girl), Cersei showed favor with her surrounding her daughter Ellaria. When we last saw Elia, she was saddened by the cell at King's Landing.

What happened to Ellaria and her fellow prisoners (including Septa Unella)? Although the list of options is pretty tricky, we never knew. Most of Ellaria died at some point when he was executed or Drogon burned Red Keep. Even if she survives the attack, Elisha will probably starve to death in her cell if Jack Sparrow can not free her.

Purpose of Night Watch

Night Watch

The series ended with Jon Snow starting, and he was deported to live a quiet and obscure life in Night Watch. One pretty important question arises – why is there a Night's Watch at first? The whole purpose of the organization was to protect the seven kingdoms from the northern threats. But what exactly does Night's Watch have to defend because there is peace between winterfell and wildlings and White Walkers has been dealt with? Does Castle Black remain only with a place to throw away all the Westeros incompetents and offenders? Or does King Bran suggest that White Walkers will not really go away forever? If HBO does not approve the series of sequels directly, we will never know.

Men without faces


When we last saw Jaqen Hghar, Arya saw pleasure and pride as she broke her relationship with Faceless Men and began her journey back to Westeros. I felt that the boys without faces still played a role in this story. Obviously, an organization with a supernatural power and an obsession for the god of death will cause the last conflict of the living and the dead. But obviously. We have not seen Arya make good use of her face change skills during the last season.

What happened to Jaqen and his friends? Men without faces had a bigger plan in the store? Or will they stay in the black and white houses and gather more faces for the walls? We may never know.

What game would you want the threat that is hanging on the throne to be resolved? Let's discuss it in comments!

Jesse is a gentle writer for IGN. I can lend you sticks to your intelligent bushes. Follow @jschedeen on Twitter., Or Myicks' Kickplode.

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