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Update: Brown becomes Charlottetown Mayor on behalf of Clifford Lee | Region | news


CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. – Philip Brown was forgiven on Monday night for what seemed satisfactory.

In a third attempt to run to the Charlotteown market, Brown has moved away from close winners in local elections. Brown received 5129 votes as of November 30th and won 76 out of 79 votes, 500 ahead of his second candidate, Get Devine.

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Former city council members and retired educators identified four candidates, including Cecil Villard, Devine, Jamie Larkin and William MacFadden.

In a victory speech at his campaign headquarters, Brown talked about his plans to reinvest in affordable housing and urban infrastructure. Two issues were the touchstone of his campaign.

"We will work to clean affordable housing, CADCs and rivers," Brown said.

"The problem we want to deal with first is very clear, it's affordable housing."

Philip Brown's simple facts

  • Age: 59
  • Profession: E.B.'s teachers and business partners Brown Transport Services and Atlantic Hy-Span Ltd.
  • Education: Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education
  • Previous political experience: two periods offered at the Charlottetown City Council (2001-2006); Has failed twice in the market (2010 and 2014).
  • Ward: 3
  • Quote: "I am passionate about Charlottetown, and I will do my best for the city and its residents."

Brown began his term as a city councilor in Charlottetown from 2001 to 2006. He failed against Clifford Lee Mayor in 2010 and 2014. Lee is stepping down to work as a special advisor to the province. Both sides of the dwellings were handily contested.

During the campaign, Brown maintained a platform similar to Devine and Villard, who are candidates for housing problems, and promised developers and non-profits to strategize the solution and do research on the outback in Charlottetown. Brown also received approval from Barbara Dingwell, stressing a cooperative model of housing as a possible solution to the urban rental housing shortage. Brown also cited the need for local governments and the federal government to demand greater involvement in building social and affordable housing in P.E.I. Co-op Housing Federation of Canada.

Brown also promised to regulate short-term rentals, including imposing hotel room tax on guests. Brown said the funds from those taxes could go toward building affordable housing.

Unlike Villard, who promised to lower Charlottetown's operating tax rate, Brown protested a request to lower taxes. He instead emphasized the need to improve the city infrastructure and reclaim Charlottetown Area Development Corporation managed by the municipality. CADC is currently operated by state.

In one of the campaign's most bizarre episodes, Brown was indicted by Billard in a discussion hosted by a guardian who vowed to launch Charlottetown CAO Peter Kelly. Kelly was hired out of town after serving the same role as Alberta's West Rock County. A report from the Alberta Department of Municipal Affairs concluded that he had violated local local government laws during the local trial.

Villard arrived at the campaign headquarters of Philip Brown late Monday night and congratulated him.

Brown will take the initiative of a council composed of a combination of veterans and newcomers. The current councilors Greg Ribade, Terry McIlroy, Mitchell Twill, Kevin Ramsey, Bob Doerrone, Jason Caddy, Terry Bernard and Mike Duffy will return to City Hall. They will join with new faces such as Alanna Jankov from Ward 1 and Julie McCabe from Ward 9.

In a Monday night speech, Brown thanked the campaign team members. However, when he ran three times in Yadang City, he had the best tribute to his wife and children's support.

Kim Devine waits for the results with her chairman Barb MacLeod.
Kim Devine waits for the results with her chairman Barb MacLeod.

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