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Vera Rubin Ridge – Take a look at this 360 degree video of BGR on Mars.

NASA's curiosity rover has already been on Mars for quite some time, far exceeding expectations and almost tripling the expected mission length. With Rover still working well, NASA spent more than a year on Mars, known as the Vera Rubin Ridge, and sent it to a new area.

Now, as the rover moves to its new location, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory has released an incredible 360-degree video that dramatically details Rover's previous location. Check it!

If you are unfamiliar with YouTube's 360-degree video capabilities, try out this feature. Clicking the play button will allow you to click on the video (or tap for a smartphone). Drag the screen. You can see a 360-degree gun, and NASA has highlighted certain features that have attracted the attention.

In the future, curiosity will continue to expand Sharp Mountain to find new and exciting discoveries. Once the JPL engineer invented a new drilling method that does not require a fixed stabilizer that broke down a few months ago, Rober's once-in-doubt drilling mechanism works normally.

When curiosity trains rocks and samples and analyzes them, it is like looking back over time whether Mars is the same as millions and millions of years ago. Over the years, scientists have learned a lot about the previous wet surface of the earth. Now dry lakes and rivers that once dominated the surface were once in contact with life and organic molecules could have been found on the surface, but it is virtually impossible to find evidence of life that disappeared billions of years ago.

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