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Western University apologizes to the 'unacceptable'

Canadian Press

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 10:01 PM EDT issued

Last Updated Tuesday, June 18, 2019 1:38 PM EDT

London, Ontario. – Southern University of Ontario and Canadian musician apologized for making improper and inappropriate remarks at the ceremony.

Western University apologized to those who attended Monday's event, saying that the opinions of songwriter and pianist Stephan Moccio do not match the values ​​of the school.

"The honorary degree recipient, Stephan Moccio, could not accept the notion that he could not accept Western values ​​in a respectable learning and working environment."

After receiving an honorary doctorate in music, Moccio worked as a student in the West and went to college and saw a sign saying, "I am grateful to my father who gave birth to a virgin daughter." His remarks met with an awkward laugh of audience.

A few hours after the meal, President Amit Chakma of the West announced that Moccio's speech was against the university's efforts to create a safe and respectful environment.

"In the whole western community, I sincerely apologize to the people who are in the rituals and to the unpleasant people for this remark and the distractions caused by it," Chakma said.

Moccio also apologized for "inappropriate" comments in a statement posted on the university website.

"I do not hesitate to apologize to Western communities, alumni, family and friends … I have downplayed my decades of efforts on this campus to bring not only the wrong words I have chosen but also the definition of important women's issues," he said.

Moccio also said he would "strive to better represent his alma mater" in the future.

Western said in October that charity Aubrey Dan "apologized" for another incident that joked that she was moving to the West in the early '80s. Playboy magazine rated university women as the best in North America. "

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