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Who will lead the electric pickup, electric crossover, electric semi-truck and solar roof?


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Zachary Shahan

December 2, 2018 to Zachary Shahan

There is a lot of excitement in the world of electric cars these days. Tesla came along and showed that you could produce a mass-market electric car that took the top spot in that class, even in the top five of every car model. This has created interest in new borders, such as electric crossings, electric pick-up trucks, and electric semi-trucks.

There are many electric start-ups that we are excited about carefully. Or you want to hear more information about the electrical models that large car makers have hinted about, displayed, and released about electric car models.

But to be honest, there are automotive companies that offer the most promise for electric pickups, electric crossovers and electric semi-trucks.

Yes, we will provide models for various automotive manufacturers and for each class in the industry. need Kinds. Yes, the variety of features, prices and styles are still important in all these lessons. But Tesla Model 3 is clearly an electric car champion Though it is wiser for tens of thousands of consumers to buy Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, BMW i3, Fiat 500e, Toyota Prius Prime, Kia Soul EV, Hyundai Ioniq EV, Volkswagen e- Etc

Yes, the truck is not a car. The intersection is not a car, and a semi truck is not a car. That's because Model 3 is a tremendous success story, thanks to basic battery leadership, power unit leadership, software leadership, excellent styling and overall corporate reputation. All of these strengths can be carried over to other classes. Unfortunately, the important thing is that you have never seen another company compete with Tesla. which These problems, except for all of them.

battery : Who can compete with the Tesla + Panasonic battery? Earnestly. I have traveled all over the world to make announcements about electric vehicles, to interview experts who know me more about them, to hold panel discussions with industry leaders, and to convince me that other companies are leading We did not find it. battery. LG Chem, CATL, Samsung SDI and SK Innovation are making progress. They follow strong industry trends in cost, chemistry, performance and capacity, but under Tesla + Panasonic they are all slipping from what I can tell.

Power train: It is not just a battery. Tesla has innovated in motors, fuses and inverters. The frequent mention during the passage, but not having much thought or discussion, shows how extensive vertical integration of Tesla is relevant to success. The company is designed to combine the components of an electric shock absorber smoothly, elegantly and powerfully. Where possible, Tesla buys cheap ready-to-buy products, but Tesla develops and develops a better world than you can find in the marketplace if it is necessary to meet specific product goals in the early EV industry. All packages are important. Tesla expresses better than any other. Permitted, this seems to be the area where the likes of Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan and others may be gaining ground. But I have yet to see any evidence that anyone is better than Tesla.

You can see what Rivian, Lucid Motors, NIO and other novices can do. They seem to be doing well after having years of experience with great people in the executive team. But asking Elon is not easy. The market is much more competitive than it was ten years ago. It would be a good indicator for those who think that producing 100,000 vehicles a year will help them achieve their goals, but that's all the milestones.

(Side note: The UBS analysis of the cost of Tesla Model 3 was a big part of Tesla's assumption of market prices for rare products or unique products made in-house. In other words, Tesla's design and manufacturing talent is what makes Model 3 a competitive tool.)

software: But once again, I think this is generally worth mentioning and communicating about Tesla in general, but it deserves heavy weighting. Tesla has software expertise to compete with other major software companies. The company is constantly working in hyperdrive mode to make software better and more efficient and more user friendly, to persuade more people to do more work for their customers, and to do more of what paid people usually do. Tesla's software is not perfect! But it seems to come from a completely different galaxy than the software of other cars. I can not imagine that the big car maker is catching up with the next few years. And I think venture companies are suffering from a bigger disadvantage. You do not have to spend money to reach the Tesla level. .

The only fully loaded automobile manufacturer headquartered in Silicon Valley should help. While it may not be important in the era of airplanes and the Internet, social-business connections centering on places still relate to various industries, especially EV production.

Naturally, the software developed by Tesla is available in Model 3, Model Y, upcoming pickup trucks, Semi, Model S and Model X. The more vehicles Tesla brings to your vehicle, the more money you generate and the more you generate. We can spur on software development and improvement. The core architecture for Tesla's software business is already strong. It is now important that construction workers and operations managers work.

Styling: Elon Musk and Franz von Holzhausen are easy to celebrate the sense of design and the graceful, minimalist and lasting beauty of Tesla vehicles. It is not uncommon to hear someone say that Tesla is ugly, but if you do, do not you wonder if he's a crazy, paid troll, or BMW / Volkswagen / GM / Ford employee?

But even more surprising is how difficult it is for other automakers to design an equally attractive EV design. I would provide Byton and Lucid Motors with props for cool, contemporary and non-contemporary intercultural design, but I was not thrilled by the aesthetics of concept cars from other EV start-ups. For large car companies, we sometimes release rough and ugly designs such as iNext and Concept-i. Sometimes they release interesting, eye-catching yet normal designs, such as buzz, identification cards, new leaves and EQC. However, Tesla's external competition for timeless design seems to be short. (Or maybe I'm partial.)

All Monty: All in all, the four main components of a successful electric car are the powerful Tesla upper hand. Just like Tesla is leading the electric car sector and shining a few years earlier than the electric models of other automakers, I am at this point crossover (model Y), pick-up truck, semi-truck market. Oh yes, Tesla can also throw some solar panels or tiles. Who will deliver a complete and competitive package in the next 10 years? I want to believe that Tesla is going to be in a serious competition, but when I come to the conclusion that any other car company is a threat to Tesla's leadership, I lie to myself.

The good news is that there are simply others now. Unbearable Catch up.

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