Tuesday , February 19 2019
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Пияният шофьор, убил Шабан Шаулич, се опита да натопи друг за трагедията

Шофьорът на Маздата, причинила катастрофата, при която издъхна легендата на югофолка Шабан Шаулич, е дал невероятна версия пред полицията, съобщава немското издание Iz.de. Водачът на японския автомобил опитал да убеди властите, че …

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Domestic measles 3 cases

Health checkups in the metropolitan area reported two measles cases. She is 19-year-old mother and 2-year-old child from Hristo Botev, Sofia. Both mother and child are admitted to an epidemic hospital. There …

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Episode 9 "has already been taken.

Star Wars shooting: Episode IX done. This was personally reported by Jaguar saga director Jay Abrams on his personal Twitter account. He has also posted photos of actors embracing Daisy Ridley, Oscar …

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