Tuesday , February 19 2019
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AK Party-MHP Alliance: Zonguldak Table

The Allies continued contact late last night, based on local elections between the AK Party and the MHP. February 19, 2019 11:45:53 According to Milliyet, the last stages of the negotiations, especially …

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Denise Sekidan (Deniz Seki & Tayfun)

Singer Deniz Seki and Tayfun Topal (Tayfun Topal) have been together for about a year and made an amazing decision. Deniz Seki shared her legendary Tayfun Topal and Instagram photos to confirm …

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te triggers migraine – Officials.net

Op.Dr. Kerem Bkmaz gave information about the factors that trigger migraine. Nroirurji Expert Op.Dr. Kerem Bkmaz said, "The reason is that everyone is experiencing difficulties." In any given year, a person is …

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