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11 deaths and 2,576 cases in Bolivia 3 –


The government registers dengue fever in the La Paz, Tarzah and Benny departments with 11 deaths and 2,576 positive cases. The authorities are pursuing four activities to eliminate the infecting mosquitoes.

Jemis Molina, director of epidemiology at the Ministry of Health, reported that from January to now, 3,128 positive dengue fever cases have been reported in 7 schools. Among them Tarija, La Paz and Beni are infected with this disease.

He has seen the highest peaks in Tarija and La Paz this year and has reported fewer cases reported since the last year.

Tarija is the department with the largest number of patients and 1,458 registered patients this year. In 2018, 27 cases were reported in the same period.

In La Paz, 519 cases were reported from January to the present, while 21 cases were attended in 2018. In Benny, 599 cases were received, and 184 cases were attended last year.

Pando had 352, Cochabamba 105, Santa Cruz 90, and Chuquisaca 5.

Dengue fever is a contagious disease, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), as a result of biting the infected female Aedes aegypti mosquito. It is characterized by high fever, poor figurine, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, skin rash, coughing and death.

In connection with 11 deaths, according to the director of the epidemiology department of the Ministry of Health, the majority were enrolled in northern La Paz, with four members of the Karabunavi family and two members of the age group.

Molina said the epidemic would last two more weeks in Bolivia and the incidence of cases would decrease. On the other hand, the Ministry of Health takes four steps in the affected department.

"We are responding sensitively to people getting rid of garbage, and we know about the disease and its consequences. We also fumigate to reduce mosquito breeding," Molina said.

The situation of La Paz

A week ago, S Departmental ServiceAluLa Paz said that two deaths were reported in Guanay in 48 hours. These are the two girls who arrived too late to be treated.

Caranavi Mayor Daniel Paucara said Monday there was a new death at the hospital in the municipality. There are already five deaths between Karanabi and Kana. "

Four Tarieno municipalities

Paúl Castellanos, head of Tarija SEDES, rebounded this year, especially in the city governments of Yakuiba, Bermejo, Entre Ríos and Villamontes this year. "It's for two reasons: the first is due to the high migratory flow at Bermejo, the second one is not timely, so when the first case is announced," he concluded.

Health action

Things to do AHealth authorities, government and municipal authorities who are infected with the epidemic fumigate to cut off the breeding chain of mosquitoes that infect the disease.

fumigation Within this activity, the insecticide used is replaced because the mosquito is resistant.

action In Guanay, there was a high incidence of interventions to cope with the disease.

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