Thursday , August 5 2021

& # 39; Black Mirror & # 39 ;: Interactive chapters with 5 hours of video are already displayed on Netflix.

In October, a close source to Netflix was the interactive episode "Black Mirror" As your plot progresses, you should be able to choose your own path..

& # 39; Black Mirror & # 39;

Although Netflix has not verified the & # 39; Bandersnatch & # 39; section, the platform's search engine will show it in the & # 39; Movies & # 39; Video 312 minutes, more than 5 hours!

Esquire has reiterated the new details. Although there is no release date for this chapter yet, Netflix We pass for more fans than we can see in 2018. Everything indicates that it could match the release of Season 4 of Dec. 28, 2017 last year.

& # 39; Bandersnatch & # 39; Director David Slade. As far as casting is concerned, we know only the leading roles: Fionn Whitehead, star of Christopher Nolan's "Dunkerque".

What do we know about the plot?

Netflix's official summary is "Young programmers turn fantasy novels into games. It mixes reality and virtual world, causing confusion."

In the episode, & # 39; Playtest & # 39; of the third season is the first to appear in & # 39; Black Mirror & # 39; of the Bandersnatch game. that is 1984 A popular video game never created by Imagine Software.

We will pay close attention to Netflix. We are looking forward to the next December 28 & # 39; Black Mirror. & # 39;

The fourth season episode of "Black Mirror"

One Arkangel

This first chapter, directed by award-winning actress Jodie Foster and written by Charlie Brooker, covers the mother's obsession with protecting her daughter. Marie (Rosemarie Dewitt) is panicked when her daughter loses her sight for a few seconds and does not happen again, so she does not hesitate to ensure her protection. Though it surely brings fearful results.

Jodie Foster claims that the direction of this episode is based on her childhood relationship with her mother.

2 alligator

Andrea Riseborough (& # 39; Birdman & # 39;), Andrew Gower (& # 39; Outlander & # 39;) and Kiran Sonia Sawar (& # 39; ;;

When taken in Iceland, memories are no longer private, and you can look back in the near future, where they can be exposed and sold anytime, anywhere. Sometimes it can be positive. Mia must strive to maintain a secret that she can not express in words.

3 Black Museum
Black Museum

A solitary traveler finds a museum about crime open to tourists, who says museum founder Rolo "adds to the pain but will not give in."

Letitia Wright (& # 39; Ready Player One & # 39;) has starred as Nish (& # 39; Peaky Blinders & # 39;), Rolou and Douglas Hodge (& # 39; The Infiltrator & And Babs Olusanmokun (Defender & # 39;) to Clayton. It has been filmed between Spain and England.

4 DJ catching
DJ catching

This episode features Joe Cole ("Peaky Blinders", "Green Room") and Georgina Campbell (& # 39; Flowers', & # 39; Broadchurch & # 39; s two people met on a dating system. At first you can see your relationship with your date.

This episode, directed by Tim Van Patten (& quot; The Sopranos & quot ;, & quot; Game of Thrones & quot;) and written by Charlie Brooker, will be set on the timeline promising sex and humor, It can be perfect now.

5 Metal head
Metal head

David Slade (& # 39; 30 Days of Darkness) was charged with Charlie Brooker's fifth episode of the fourth season of Black Mirror & Maxine Peake (& Jake Davies (The The & # 39; Missing & # 39; X + Y & # 39;) and Clint Dyer (& # 39; (& # 39; Hope Springs & # 39;). This chapter will tell you how a merciless stalker pushes a scavenger trio to the most unexpected limit.

6 United States Canister
United States Canister

Charlie Brooker 's reference to the San Junipero episode, which won the acclaim last season against the purest' Star Trek ' ; USS Callister & # 39; will be a story unfolding in outer space.

This chapter will be centered on astronauts of the spacecraft, Captain Callister, captain of Robert Daly, captain of the universe. The main argument in this chapter is that the crew should show maximum loyalty to the captain with a focus on violence and abuse of power.

This chapter was written by Robert Daky, Cristin Milioti (Fargo), directed by Toby Haynes and starring Jesse Plemons (Fargo & Stimulus Criminal) Nanette Cole, Jimmi Simpson ("The Card House"), Shania Lowery 's James Walton and Michaela Coel ("Chewing Gum & # 39;).

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