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A company that has marketed itself in the biggest bankruptcy in Brazil


Cucumber's common stock has four purchasing recommendations, one hold and three sales.

Two and a half years after Brazil's request for the largest judicial redesign, Oi SA seems to be prevalent among analysts.

BBA, Bradesco BBI and BTG Pactual are some of the brokers recently approved for shares since a telecommunications company headquartered in Rio de Janeiro has completed the capital increase of 40 million Rials. Large – scale debt restructuring.

Fred Mendes analysts saw a positive asymmetric reward after May 5, when the government elections focused on capital growth and reform were over, "said Bancco Bradesco, chief financial officer at Bank. month. Because it improved the behavior of cucumbers and crossed the neutral level.

This action is part of BTG Pactual's recommended portfolio in Brazil. Carlos Sequeira, director of capital research in Latin America, said in an interview, "The company has just completed the final phase of the restructuring plan and must resume to increase capital spending." "It's a concrete and dangerous decision, but we believe that the action is cheap and there can be a significant increase," Sequeira said.

Cay's common stock has four purchasing recommendations, one withholding and three sales, with a 12-month average price of 1.90 reais, representing an increase of about 34%, based on data compiled by Bloomberg .

The largest fiber optic network operator in Brazil has worked hard to restore confidence. Large players with problematic issues such as Aurelius Capital Management and BlackRock Inc., confrontations with the board, resignation of several C-level executives, restructuring of $ 1.9 billion in debt due to fierce competition between creditors and shareholders, . And because it caused the largest arbitration process in the world, the company was able to settle down with more than 55,000 creditors.

Oi recently hired Boston Consulting Group to acquire Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Oliver Wyman to support asset allocation and asset allocation and asset allocation planning. Focuses on fiber optic networks and 4G range expansion. The goal is to eliminate the company's liabilities and to form a team that will allow management to discover the next step.

The anticipated approval of the legislation that will help modernize the information and communications sector in Brazil after last year's presidential election and parliamentary elections is improving the stage for Cucumis. The company operates under a strictly regulated license to maintain an outdated wired network and not sell it even if it no longer needs to provide assets such as real estate or hardware.

The approval of the new communications bill, according to Bradesco's Mendes, means a $ 880 million (about $ 234 million) operating cost savings to Oi, asset sales potential and simplification of the enterprise structure.

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