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A Perfectly Bordered eBook

In November 2007, Amazon Kindle, A device that revolutionized the world of reading. Until then, the only way to read comfortably was paper type. After 11 years, many readers have chosen to switch to Kindle for price or convenience.

To be precise, Amazon introduced the new Kindle Paperwhite. We were lucky enough to try it and we tell you what you think about this eBook.

Simple design and nice touch

The design of the new Kindle Paperwhite is characterized by simplicity. Thinking about support for reading is logical. This device is available in color only. Black color, It feels pretty good. still to let go There is a white version that exists in standard Kindle mode. The option to use more colors than black and white may be wrong because noticeable colors may interfere with reading.

On the front of the Kindle A pretty big frame. Amazon should strive to minimize it to as close to the emergence of paper books as possible. This is not a particularly relevant aspect. But we are talking about products that have little to improve.

On the back of Paperwhite Friendly and soft touchI get more natural results than my previous generation. In the past model, touch was more like an electronic device than a book, and it changed to a new feeling.

Skill and comfort

The weight of this electronic book is 191 grams (In the upper version) has an excellent weight distribution. In other words, you can use it. One hand without effort Some new paperwhites have a much flattened, lightweight front over the previous model and are exactly 10% thinner. The size is 167 x 116 x 8.2 millimeters.

The back we said already Comfort and ergonomics. In this regard, Kindle Paperwhite is much more comfortable than paper books. Many people still prefer paper. But each time they claim few to resist change.

Cover to reduce weight loss

If you have an e-book, you must use it. It is interesting that the Amazon case weighs almost the same as the Kindle. Double weight

Amazon seems not to be aware of existence. To stop all progress. It was done to reduce the weight of the device. The company is making a serious mistake at this point and must take steps to change it.

Enhanced screen lighting

The size of the screen remains. 6 inches, More than enough numbers; However, increasing some size could please some readers. The screen quality is good, but the features of this model are reading.

Provide screen 300 dpi Have 5 LED lights, True strength. A person who is accustomed to reading a lot knows how inconvenient it is to turn on and turn on the light. It is not necessary because it is not possible with the new Kindle Paperwhite. Read it completely dark. Thanks to various lighting levels.

In this sense, your habits are very important. I am one of those people who want to see the screen without lighting. I prefer to feel closer to the paper than to the screen. On the other hand, there are others who see brightness as a function that enriches reading.

Another positive aspect of the screen Reflection does not occurNo matter where we are, we can show text clearly. Do not worry if you sit on the bench in the sunshine. The reflected light does not appear on the Paperwhite screen.

Waterproof and more storage space

The new Paperwhite is waterproof. This feature will also appeal to those who want to read with him on the beach, in the pool, even in the bathtub. The degree of protection is as follows. IPX8; This means it can be immersed in freshwater for up to 60 minutes at a depth of 2 meters. In other cases, light diving is supported.

We were able to confirm that the device was resistant to the dive. Of course, be careful. Dry properly Once we eject it from the water, especially the USB port.

The minimum internal storage for this model is: 8GB; His predecessor, on the other hand, was 4GB. The most powerful version of Paperwhite 32GB ROM A giant library book. It is difficult to believe that a person can occupy all of a GB in a book.

New can mode and updated interface

The level of personalization provided by this device is enormous. We are Completely modified format Size, margins, typeface and more reading options depend on our preference. The most interesting feature is New dark mode.

This one Inverted color; That is, the text changes to white and the background changes to black. Thanks to this mode We force our eyes less. In adverse light conditions.

Electronic books also incorporate updates from the interface. Now, eat a lot. You can search easily in the library. Thanks to the search engine. The lower part of the interface has been modified so it can be easily modified. Custom recommendations Based on our tastes of authors and books

Referrals have been found to be very useful to me in eBooks. I ended up desperately if I did not know a similar novel that ended the exceptional book and hid the void. Amazon facilitates this task and provides highly accurate recommendations.

Endless battery and 4G LTE connectivity

Batteries are one of the strengths of Kindle Paperwhite when it comes to replacing paper. If you need to load it every day or load it several times a week, nobody should load it.

Obviously, it depends on device usage, Wi-Fi connection, 3G or brightness, minus battery (if used). We have been testing the device for more than three hours a day, One and a half months autonomy; According to Amazon, the battery can last up to six weeks, so what the brand says is met.

The obvious thing is that you do not have to worry about charging the battery every two times. Also, the load is very fast, Fully charged in 3 hours.

Kindle Paperwhite includes Wi-Fi connection. However, there is also the possibility to get it together. 4G LTE. In this sense, 4G LTE No cost to the user, Amazon is responsible for the expenses.

The Perfect Kinda Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite 2018 It touches perfection.. It's purpose is to achieve reading support. Absolute delicacy. The only drawback we can place is the frame. However, this type of device is not important.

Paperwhite's new model is eBook. It's stylish, light and comfortable, with a high level of customization and battery and ROM overhead.. This fully designed product is a bit more on Amazon.

Kindle Paperwhite is 2018 There are three models.:

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