Thursday , June 1 2023

A single energy drink alone can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.


Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Recent scientific studies have shown that there is a risk of a stroke or a heart attack within 90 minutes of ingesting energy drinks.

According to the researchers, this is because energy drinks narrow the blood vessels and limit the flow of blood to important organs.

Although previous research has found a link between energy drinks and gastrointestinal, neurological, and cardiac problems, the new discovery at the University of Texas in Houston is the first to find an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

The researchers at the McGovern School of Medicine at UTHealth had nearly 20 healthy and healthy lifestyles for 44 students, but no smokers at all.

They observed the function of endothelial cells, a cell layer lined on the surface of the blood vessels. This layer of cells was an indicator of a heart attack because the artery could not expand properly.

Endothelial function measured 355 milliliters before and after consuming 12 ounces of energy drink, respectively. After 90 minutes of ingestion, the vessel diameter decreased to almost half.

The risk of this product

"As energy drinks become increasingly popular, it is important for people who drink often to study the effects of these beverages, and if they have safe consumption patterns, it is important to know what they are and better judge," Dr John Higgins said.

In an investigation by Waterloo University, Ontario, Canada, researchers found that 55% of 12-24 year-olds had vomiting, pain at the chest, and even after drinking alcohol.

Professor David Hammond, principal author of the study, said, "Most of the risk assessments so far used coffee as a reference to predict the impact of energy drinks on health, It can be dangerous. "

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