Thursday , August 5 2021

Acupuncture serves as an adjunct to oral health and facial pain.

Since 2005, Law No. 42 has regulated and published practices in CAM practices such as health supplements, and more and more Chileans are meeting experts in this field. This was identified in the National Health Survey in 2017, and one in three states declared that they used complementary medicine.

Acupuncture is one of three treatments recognized by the Ministry of Health and is one of the most essential therapies. Barros Luco Hospital, Carabineros Hospital, military hospitals and professional centers such as Bruxism and Facial Pain for National Center.

"It's an effective treatment for chronic pain, but like the treatment process, you have to get a diagnosis that can focus and plan the treatment to solve each person's individual needs," says registered dentist María Jesús Rivera. In the Chinese medicine of the National Center of Bruxism.

In general, acupuncture, like other biological control therapies, seeks to stimulate and improve the analgesic and healing abilities that optimal organisms can achieve. Then you can treat many symptoms that are often associated with this physical and mental balance.

Bruxism is a sign of this imbalance often accompanied by other chronic signs such as reflux, myalgia, headache, sleep disturbances, mood and energy. "We are accustomed to treating each of these diseases when acupuncture can improve respiration without the need for the same body to invade at the same time or to breathe artificially," says Ribama.

To apply this type of complementary medicine it is important to emphasize that the therapist must have done the proper training and acquired the skills needed to apply this technology and perform differential diagnosis. "Acupuncture is a powerful tool that helps us solve many diseases and diseases that limit our daily lives with good diagnosis, good planning and a good approach," he says.

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