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After arguing with Arturo Longton, Loreto Aravena is not burdened with his senses.

actress Loreto Aravena And the whole reality Arthur Longton They appeared in one of the most controversial moments that the CHV program is barely there.We can say."

In the last chapter, Longton She could not stand the interpreter's opinion and she stayed at the table where they were. I leave the recording studio.

After this episode, Aravena described Longton as "violent", and he also described "The glasses passed."Arturo, on the other hand,They always look less than the rest of the world."While wildly leaving the set.

This intense moment spoke to the crowd: Some people supported the actress's words, Others have knocked her out in harsh words.

Aravena is a late "Follow good things."De Vive TV, a confession that I received a hateful message An emphasis on relationships with Max Luksic, Son of businessman Andrnico Luksic, controller of channel 13.

Live TV Capture

Here you can review some of the stories of Loreto Aravena.

"He was aggravated by the debate and treated me badly.. He said, "For the people like you, the country is the same!" & # 39; Why can not I speak to you? & # 39; Let 's see, wait. If you understand what I say, it is easier for you to say. And he 's not, no! & # 39; I hear. You can not say it 's not a word. And there I said, maybe it was my mistake. I have a & # 39;I have a little cost to you, but I think when I try to understand what I'm talking to you."

"Maybe I waved it. And I admit it."Aravena pointed out that she had made a" doctrinal "contract with her daughter and tried to do the same with Longton, but she denied it was the most appropriate way, but denied it was rude or rude.

He also commented on all the comments he received on the social network, saying he "handled everything." "I had to erase the opinion that was aggressive because they were on the jet. Everyone who treats me like China. I do not know what I represent dark and Chilean women. Everyone seems to have a caste attention through pores. The whole world cares and treats me ugly.. Ugly is not important to some people. I feel pretty pretty. It is self love in the background. "He explained.

Finally he mentioned comments that blamed the relationship with Andrnico Luksic's son. "A lot of people who treat me have grown up in raja, & # 39; you went up to the clouds & # 39; and I am by the couple I have, The same. I have been working for 11 years. I made my career alone. I spent 11 years on Channel 13. I already have a flat, cachai? I do not need anyone to come to buy me shoes.. I am okay if someone wants to be a partner. I do not judge him, but I am not that kind of woman. They treated me terrible about it. "

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