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AirPod is a wireless headphone in the United States


In 2017, Apple's giant gave us a new wireless headphone known as AirPod. Since the announcement has been successful in sales, many times in the store sold out for a long time.

If we go to work and get on the subway, it's likely that we've seen someone using AirPod. In fact, when we look at the journalists who use AirPod as revenue, we can see it in the national news story.

AirPod is very useful. Portability offered by people, fast syncing with other Apple devices, especially for battery life and fully charged. But they lack many essentials: the quality of the sound.

According to one study counterpoint AirPod made in the United States is the wireless headphone preferred by Americans as shown in the following illustration.

We can see that Apple's wireless headphones are the most satisfying product for the user. But when you look in detail, AirPod improves comfort, ease of use and portability, but when it comes to sound quality, it gets the worst rating.

On the other hand, we see BOSE, a well-known manufacturer that won the quality of sound issues in wireless headphones. This shows that Apple needs to improve the sound quality if it wants to keep the user's preference in the next generation AirPod.

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