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Alexis runs out of the circle closest to United.


Alexis Sanchez New opportunities United, But the context surrounding it will be different. Chile was confirmed by DT. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer He even hinted at an ambitious goal for him next season. "He can easily get 20 goals," Norwegian told Standard at the last minute. But there are very important details. Alexis did not stay in the closest position to United.

Ander Herrera He left. Paris Saint Germain and Romelu Lukaku It is a matter of immigration. Inter Milan. They had the best relationship. Sanchez Since his arrival Manchester. Spanish supported Chile because of the confidence it has built over time. Chile did not have a good time on the team until the enthusiastic message on the field.

But Belgian people are much closer. Such a good relationship was a good relationship between Sanchez and the center forward. Copa America, tocopillano spoke with his great friend on a video phone. Without a doubt Lukaku Through his career, he became one of Alexis' great friends.

Another person who left was Luis Antonio Valencia. During the first month of the Red Devil Alexis, the Ecuadoreans welcomed him into the product of a common language. Now I will play in Riga de Quito.

so Alexis Manchester United will have a new season. It will be your last chance and you should take advantage of it. It would be difficult to start because there was no longer a circle that supported him in the toughest moments.

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