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Apple is negotiating with Intel to take over its 5G chip business with a 'smartphone'.

According to the Wall Street Journal, iPhone makers will pay about $ 1 billion for the technology.

Apple is having an advanced conversation for the modem business. Smartphone Intel advanced yesterday Wall Street JournalThis will allow iPhone manufacturers to effectively control their supply chains.

According to sources close to the negotiations quoted by the newspaper, this operation, which could be closed next week, It will be about $ 1 billion and will include access to patents and researchers.

After successful negotiations, Apple will have access to Intel's engineering work and talent for years to develop modern chips for next-generation wireless technology, known as 5G. Apple is working to reduce its dependency on its own chip development and third-party technology. Commercial tensions between China and the United States threaten business relations with some of the major suppliers.

When you buy an Intel chip, Tim Cook, The first iPhone with 5th generation technology According to analysts, it will be launched next year.

The division, which acquired Infineon Technologies for $ 1.4 billion in 2011 for its chip maker, is at its peak in the 5G mobile chip business. Qualcomm has already announced the development of a second-generation modem and is dominated by Qualcomm, which has customers like Samsung and LG. With this sale, Intel lost about $ 1 billion in annual losses Wall Street JournalI was raising this business.

Intel will continue to work on the development of 5G technology for connected devices. Smartphone. "5G remains Intel's strategic priority and our team has developed a portfolio of wireless and intellectual property products," said Bob Swan, Intel's CEO.

Discussions between Apple and Intel began right after Intel CEO last summer. Brian KrzanicAccording to the same sources, resigns. Krzanich defended the modem business and promoted 5G technology as an important source of future revenues. But his successor, Bob Swan, decided to abandon non-strategic business for Intel, such as mobile chips.

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